From Banking Graduate in London to Oshodi Bridge: A Nigerian’s Unbelievable Journey

From Banking Graduate in London to Oshodi Bridge: A Nigerian’s Unbelievable Journey

A graduate trained in Banking and Finance in the UK recently shared an emotional story of how he found himself living under Oshodi bridge in Lagos after spending 21 years in America.

The man recounted his life journey during a radio interview, revealing the unexpected turn his life had taken.

Educational Pursuits in the UK and Years in America

The man detailed that he spent nine years in London, where he pursued studies in banking and finance. Subsequently, he relocated to America, where he spent a significant portion of his life.

During his time in the United States, he experienced a peculiar dream that would alter the course of his life.

A Dream and a Drastic Change

In the dream, he found himself flying and encountered signboards welcoming him to familiar places like the Bahamas, London, and Africa, with a specific mention of Nigeria.

Upon waking up, he inexplicably shouted “Nigeria,” prompting concern from his family. This led to his hospitalization in California, marking the beginning of a series of unforeseen events.

From Hospitalization to Life on the Streets

Following his release from the hospital, the man was sent back to Nigeria. His elder siblings, however, took him to Yaba Psychiatric hospital, where he claimed to have been abandoned.

The hospital eventually discharged him due to the lack of support for his fees and upkeep. Consequently, he found himself sleeping under Oshodi bridge, a stark contrast to the life he had known abroad.

Police Encounter and Regaining Sanity

His story took a dramatic turn when the police, clearing people from beneath the bridge, prodded him with their guns. In that moment, he regained a semblance of sanity and informed the bewildered officers that he hailed from America.

This encounter marked a pivotal moment in his journey, leading to subsequent events that eventually brought him to a mountain where he spent six years in a process of deliverance.

A Tearful Account: Watch the Video

The man shared his tearful account of the extraordinary twists in his life during the radio interview. The video clip, circulating on social media, captures the emotional narration of a graduate who went from pursuing a career in banking to facing the harsh realities of life on the streets in Lagos.

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