Amie Harwick’s Haunting Email Becomes Key ‘Witness’ in Murder Trial Against Ex-Boyfriend

Amie Harwick’s Haunting Email Becomes Key ‘Witness’ in Murder Trial Against Ex-Boyfriend

Amie Harwick’s Emailed Account: A Virtual Witness in Murder Trial

Amie Harwick, the Hollywood therapist tragically murdered by her ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse in 2020, has posthumously become a key ‘witness’ in her own murder trial.

Harwick’s haunting encounter with Pursehouse and her subsequent email detailing the chilling experience played a crucial role in the prosecution’s case.

Tragic Love Story Turned Deadly: Harwick and Pursehouse’s Past Resurfaces

Amie Harwick, aged 38, was murdered by Gareth Pursehouse, her ex-boyfriend, who strangled and threw her over a third-story balcony in Los Angeles.

Despite dating in 2011, the two crossed paths again in January 2020 at a red carpet event.

A restraining order Harwick had obtained against Pursehouse a decade earlier had expired.

A Terrifying Encounter Captured in an Email: Harwick’s Own Words Revealed in Court

Harwick’s email, presented during the prosecution’s closing arguments at Pursehouse’s trial in August 2023, described a chilling encounter with her stalker.

In the email, Harwick detailed how Pursehouse confronted her, sobbing and hyperventilating, during the event. The email provided a harrowing account of Pursehouse’s obsession over nine years.

A Victim’s Testimony from Beyond: Detective and Prosecutor Reflect on the Impact

Lead homicide detective Scott Masterson described Harwick’s email as ‘the closest we’ve ever had to a victim testifying in their murder.’

Deputy District Attorney Catherine Mariano emphasized that Pursehouse’s obsession revealed his intent to kill, providing crucial insights into the case.

Mother’s Heartbreak: Harwick’s Fear After the Encounter

Amie Harwick’s mother, Penny Harwick, revealed her daughter’s fear after the chance encounter with Pursehouse.

Harwick went into ‘therapist mode,’ attempting to calm him down.

Harwick’s mother recounted how Pursehouse called her daughter names and claimed she ruined his life.

Precautionary Measures and Eerie Predictions: Harwick’s Attempt to Protect Herself

After the encounter, Harwick took immediate steps to enhance her security, including considering surveillance cameras, pepper spray, and sharing her location with a close friend.

Robert Coshland, her friend, recalled Harwick saying, “If something happens to me, he did it.”

Justice Served: Pursehouse Receives Life Sentence Without Parole

Gareth Pursehouse was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in December of the previous year.

The trial highlighted the significance of Harwick’s email, which played a crucial role in securing justice for the murdered therapist.