Hotkid Demands Justice: Show Promoter Accused of Defrauding Lady and Others

Hotkid Exposes Show Promoter’s Alleged N10m Fraud Scheme

Nigerian singer Hotkid has taken to social media to call out a show promoter accused of defrauding a lady and others of over N10 million while impersonating the artist.

In a bold move, Hotkid shared a photo of the alleged fraudster and issued a 24-hour ultimatum for him to repay the owed amounts to the victims.

Hotkid’s Ultimatum: Show Promoter Given 24 Hours to Repay Debt

Expressing his frustration, Hotkid urged the show promoter to settle the debts owed to the lady and others within the specified timeframe.

The singer, visibly upset by the situation, is determined to bring attention to the alleged fraudulent activities and seek justice for the victims.

Hotkid Reveals Fans’ Claims of Being Victims of Fraud

Following Hotkid’s public call-out, fans reached out to the singer via direct messages, claiming to be victims of the same alleged fraud scheme orchestrated by the show promoter.

The revelation suggests a broader impact on individuals who believed they were dealing directly with Hotkid.

Unveiling the Alleged Mastermind: Show Promoter Accused of Fraud

Hotkid went further to disclose that he was unjustly arrested for money he had no knowledge of, all because of the actions of the accused show promoter.

The singer expressed his frustration on his Instagram story, revealing the extent of the alleged fraud and the consequential legal troubles he faced.

Hotkid Demands Justice: Allegations Against Show Promoter

In a direct message to the accused show promoter, Hotkid labeled him a thief and issued a stern warning. He urged the alleged fraudster to rectify the situation by repaying the accumulated sum of over 10 million naira that was allegedly collected from different individuals using Hotkid’s name.

Fraud Alert: Hotkid Warns Fans About Deceptive Show Promoter’s Activities

Hotkid’s public revelation serves as a cautionary tale, alerting fans and the public to be wary of deceptive individuals posing as artists.

The singer’s determination to expose the alleged fraud and demand justice underscores the seriousness of the situation and the need for accountability in the entertainment industry.