Davido Reveals How He Directed Fans to Target Show Promoter and Club in Social Media Uproar

Davido Reveals How He Directed Fans to Target Show Promoter and Club in Social Media Uproar

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Nigerian Afrobeat sensation, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, recently shared an incident during an interview with Real 92.3 FM, Atlanta, where he instructed his fans to troll a female show promoter and an American club.


The Show Promoter Incident

Davido revealed that a show promoter, whose name remained undisclosed, claimed not to know him despite his fame.

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In response, he took matters into his own hands and directed his fans to flood the promoter’s Instagram page with negative comments, resulting in an overwhelming response of around fifty thousand comments.

The promoter eventually reached out to Davido, acknowledging his presence and the impact of his fans’ actions.

Directing Fans to ‘Destroy’ the Club on Social Media

During another incident, Davido faced difficulties gaining entry into a club in Atlanta due to excessive security measures.

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Feeling frustrated, he decided to involve his fan base once again.

He instructed his fans to target the club’s social media page and “destroy” it with their comments.


Following this online uproar, the club’s management promptly reached out to Davido, hosting him with food and drinks as a gesture of reconciliation.

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Davido’s Influence and Fan Power

These incidents shed light on Davido’s immense influence over his fan base and the power they possess in mobilizing support online.

By leveraging his loyal following, Davido was able to make his presence known and create significant impact in both instances.


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