Big Brother Naija Star Tacha Engages in Heated Feud with Mummy Zee Over Insults and Disrespect

Big Brother Naija Star Tacha Engages in Heated Feud with Mummy Zee Over Insults and Disrespect

Internet Sensation Mummy Zee Targeted

A feud has erupted between Big Brother Naija star Tacha and internet sensation Mummy Zee, known for her viral video of waking up at 4:30 am to cook for her husband.

The clash ensued after an X-user informed Mummy Zee that Tacha insulted her on a show, sparking a heated exchange between the two personalities.

Insults Ignite the Feud

Upon learning about Tacha’s alleged insults, Mummy Zee responded with a cutting remark, stating, “Person when nor get sense.” Tacha, in turn, came across the comment and unleashed a fiery response, finding it disrespectful and insulting.

Tacha’s Scathing Retort

Tacha did not mince her words in her reply, calling Mummy Zee a “homeless piece of shit” with zero self-esteem and likening her to a “zomb*e” lacking the ability to think for herself at her age.

Tacha expressed her hope that Mummy Zee would use any community funds received to send her daughter to a good school, preventing her from adopting a similar attitude of “hat!ng on a fellow woman” or engaging in activities like waking up at 4 am to cook for a seemingly unappreciative man.

Contextual Clarification and Big Friday Show Incident

In her response, Tacha defended herself, stating that people fail to understand the “context” of her statements. She highlighted the irony of praising Mummy Zee on a previous episode of the Big Friday show, emphasizing the misunderstanding around her comments.

Controversy Unfolding in Public Eye

The public feud between Tacha and Mummy Zee is unfolding on social media platforms, capturing the attention of fans and followers.

The exchange showcases the intense nature of their disagreement, with each party delivering strong and unapologetic statements against the other.

Social Media Backlash and Audience Response

As the verbal altercation continues, social media users are actively engaging in the controversy, expressing varying opinions on the matter.

The feud has ignited discussions surrounding respect, self-esteem, and the dynamics of public personalities clashing on digital platforms.

Unraveling Drama Raises Questions

The ongoing drama prompts questions about the nature of online interactions, the potential consequences of public disputes, and the responsibilities that accompany being internet personalities.

The clash between Tacha and Mummy Zee serves as a spectacle that underscores the challenges and controversies prevalent in the world of social media and celebrity culture.

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