Home and Away Star Angelina Thomson Opens Up About Emotional Impact of Kirby’s Exit

Home and Away star Angelina Thomson, who portrays Kirby, recently revealed her emotional response to the departure of Kirby from the band Lyrik.

Kirby’s exit from the group had a profound impact on her fellow bandmates and led to significant storylines in the popular Australian soap opera.

Kirby’s Introduction and Subsequent Departure

Angelina Thomson joined the cast of Home and Away in mid-2022 as Kirby, one of the members of the band Lyrik.

The band also featured Rob Mallet as Bob, Adam Rowland as Remi, and Stephanie Panozzo as Eden. However, the initial lineup saw changes, as Bob left Summer Bay after a brief stint, and Theo, portrayed by Matt Evans, joined Lyrik as the fourth member.

The band faced a major turning point when Kirby announced her decision to leave Lyrik and pursue a solo career, leaving her bandmates heartbroken.

Emotional Impact on the Cast

The departure of Kirby had significant repercussions within the storyline, leading to conflicts and fallout between her bandmates.

Remi, Kirby’s ex-boyfriend Theo, and her best friend Eden all faced challenges in the aftermath of her exit. The emotional impact of these developments extended beyond the storyline and deeply affected the cast, including Angelina Thomson.

Angelina Thomson’s Emotional Response

Angelina Thomson shared her experience of reading the scripts that depicted the conflicts arising from Kirby’s departure.

She admitted that the scenes in which Kirby, Eden, and Remi clashed were emotionally challenging to perform.

During a plane journey to Melbourne, Angelina read these scripts for the first time and was overcome with emotions, even shedding tears.

She described the scripts as both beautiful and heartbreaking, highlighting the emotional journey involved in portraying these scenes.

The Actress’s Background in Musical Theatre

Before her role in Home and Away, Angelina Thomson had an established career in musical theatre. She acknowledged that she often misses performing on stage and feels a connection to her boyfriend, theatre performer Lachlan Dearing, who is currently on an international tour of Hamilton.

Angelina expressed a longing for singing, dancing, and acting in front of a live audience.

Balancing Dreams and Reality

While achieving the dream of being on Home and Away was a significant accomplishment, Angelina discussed the reality of pursuing dreams, emphasizing that it can be different from the idealized vision. She mentioned the complexities, challenges, and exhausting nature of the profession.

Angelina recognized that there are many aspects to consider when living the reality of a dream but remained grateful for her current position in the television industry.


Angelina Thomson’s revelations offer insight into the emotional impact of Kirby’s exit on the Home and Away cast and the challenges of balancing dreams with the realities of a successful acting career.

The actress’s candid reflections provide a deeper understanding of the personal and professional experiences that come with performing in a long-running soap opera.

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