Home and Away” Star Jacqui Purvis Opens Up About Creating Her Short Film

Transition from “Home and Away” Star to Filmmaker

Jacqui Purvis, known for her role as Felicity Newman in the popular soap opera “Home and Away,” has made a significant transition in her career.

While she made her soap debut in 2021, she has now established herself as a writer and producer.

This transformation coincided with the release of her latest project, a 16-minute short film titled “Voicemails Last Forever.”

The film, with a poignant message, was launched on R U OK day, an Australian non-profit suicide prevention organization.

The Message of “Voicemails Last Forever”

“Voicemails Last Forever” delves into the lives of two housemates, Ali (portrayed by Jacqui Purvis herself) and Robbie (played by Bradley Walsh), as they grapple with the sudden loss of their friend James, who died by suicide.

Notably, James was also Ali’s boyfriend, and the character is portrayed by Adam Rowland, known for his role as Remi Carter on “Home and Away.”

A Project with Personal Significance

Jacqui Purvis’s journey into filmmaking began with a deeply personal inspiration.

The project was born when her close friend, Bradley, confided in her about his mental health struggles and thoughts of suicide.

Motivated to make a difference, Jacqui embarked on the creation of the short film to shed light on mental health and the importance of open conversations.

She recognized that mental health remains a taboo subject, and she aimed to challenge this by initiating a dialogue through her work.

“Voicemails Last Forever”: A Collaborative Effort

The film’s creation involved a collaborative effort, and Jacqui Purvis shared her commitment to addressing mental health issues.

She emphasized that it is vital for everyone to feel comfortable discussing mental health concerns openly. With this in mind, Jacqui embarked on the journey of writing and producing the film.

A Father’s Support

Creating “Voicemails Last Forever” was a labor of love that required Jacqui to use her father’s house as a filming location.

To ensure the project’s success, she asked her father to temporarily vacate his home.

Her father, understanding the significance of the film, willingly moved to a motel for four days to accommodate the production. His support played a crucial role in making the film a reality.

Jacqui’s Ascent in Filmmaking

Jacqui Purvis’s venture into filmmaking has kindled a deep passion for producing.

She expressed her enthusiasm for the film industry and her involvement in various aspects of the filmmaking process, from location selection to music choices.

Addressing Sensitive Themes

In recent storylines on “Home and Away,” Jacqui’s character Felicity faced the harrowing experience of being drugged and sexually assaulted.

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