Home and Away Crew Member Diagnosed with Stage Four Cancer

Home and Away crew member Bruce Murray has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. He is battling oesophageal cancer which has spread to his bones and bloodstream and has worked as a key grip on the Australian soap for four years.

Fundraising Efforts for Bruce’s Treatment

A Go Fund Me page has been launched to raise much-needed money for Bruce as he undergoes treatment. A message on the fundraising profile reads:

“Recently our beloved, good friend Bruce Murray was diagnosed with Stage 4 Oesophageal Cancer, which has unfortunately gone into his blood stream and formed multiple cancers on his bones – ribs, spine, collar bone, sacrum, and hips.

Bruce will be starting Radiation Therapy on the three most urgent bone areas – spine, ribs, and hips and soon be starting a combo of Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy.

It’s going to be a long journey but we are positive and know our cherished Brucey is a strong one.

Support for Bruce

“If you would like to donate, please do – anything will help Bruce and his family through this journey and to allow some comfort through these tough roads ahead.” The website describes his telly work spanning the past two decades.

It reads: “Leading the team of grips, he has worked on a vast variety of locations, from beach, underwater, on vehicles and boats, on top of buildings, and cliff faces.” The page has currently raised $16,830 – well over the original $10,000 goal.

His TV credits include Home and Away, All Saints, Breakers, Good News Week, Above The Law, and E Street.

Bruce’s Impact on Home and Away

Bruce has been credited with helping to give the Home and Away “its new directional look.”

Home and Away Plot Updates

In upcoming scenes of the soap, Marilyn is coldly rejected by Roo when she offers cake and an arm to talk with.

Marilyn and Alf determine that the source of Roo’s frustration is due to Marilyn not visiting her. But when she shows up to clear the air, Roo makes it clear that she blames Marilyn for her injuries.

Marilyn and Roo’s Friendship Struggles

Marilyn’s attempt to repair her friendship with Roo fails when she refuses to hear her apology and insists she leave the hospital. Later, in contrast, Roo welcomes a visit from Mali and thanks him for saving her life.

Tane’s Serious Conversation

Elsewhere, Tane sits down with Felicity for a serious conversation, noting that his recent visit to New Zealand made him realize how quickly his baby cousins are growing up.

But all Felicity sees is red flags as she doesn’t want kids and certainly doesn’t want to have this conversation.

Telling Tane she’s needed at work, Felicity runs to crash Eden and Remi’s writing retreat. When Felicity returns, Tane explains that the big talk he wanted to have wasn’t about babies but actually about the two of them moving to New Zealand. Will they make the move?