Home Affairs Immigration Officer Suspended for Alleged Involvement with Drug Dealers on ‘Sizokthola’ Show

Home Affairs Immigration Officer Suspended for Alleged Involvement with Drug Dealers on ‘Sizokthola’ Show

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. The Department of Home Affairs has taken action against an immigration officer who participated in the television show ‘Sizokthola,’ produced by Moja Love, which focuses on exposing drug dealers.


The officer, based in the North West province, appeared in an episode that aired on Sunday, 18 June.

Suspension of the Home Affairs Official

Following the officer’s appearance on the show, the Department of Home Affairs has suspended her from duty.

The suspension was deemed necessary due to the officer’s alleged involvement with drug dealers, as revealed during the show’s episode.


Incriminating Evidence and Admissions

During the episode, the immigration officer was found to have screenshots of official Home Affairs documents on her phone, despite being prohibited from possessing them.

When questioned about the documents, she claimed to be checking the status of papers for a friend of her husband.

Additionally, the officer was discovered to possess multiple identification documents, including two of her own, two belonging to her daughters, two belonging to her husband, and one belonging to the woman currently married to her husband.

Suspension and Ongoing Investigations

The Home Affairs spokesperson, Siya Qoza, confirmed that the officer has been placed on suspension.

The department is conducting further investigations to ensure that she faces legal consequences for her actions.


Qoza emphasized the gravity of the situation, mentioning that the officer’s involvement in drug-related offenses could potentially lead to criminal charges.

He assured the public that the department is committed to upholding the law and holding individuals accountable for any wrongdoing.


The Department of Home Affairs has taken swift action by suspending an immigration officer who appeared on the TV show ‘Sizokthola,’ exposing her alleged involvement with drug dealers.

The officer’s possession of official documents and multiple identification documents has raised serious concerns.

The department is conducting a thorough investigation to ensure that appropriate legal measures are taken against her.


This incident serves as a reminder of the department’s commitment to maintaining integrity and addressing any misconduct within its ranks.

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