Former British Soap Star Joins Hollyoaks Cast

Introducing Dylan Morris as Camilla

Dylan Morris brings her talents to Hollyoaks as Camilla, a new character set to stir up trouble in the series.

Hollyoaks’ New Trouble-Maker

Learn more about the character of Camilla and the impact she’s set to make on the show’s existing dynamics.

Sienna’s Complex Love Scheme

Delve into the intricate plot involving Sienna Blake, her boyfriend Ethan Williams, and their plan to get close to the wealthy Rafe Harcourt.

A Twist in Sienna and Rafe’s Relationship

Discover the unexpected development in the relationship between Sienna and Lord Rafe as genuine emotions come into play.

Dylan Morris: From Coronation Street to Hollyoaks

Explore Dylan Morris’ soap opera history, including her role in Coronation Street as Lucy in March 2022.

Camilla’s Unexpected Challenge

Learn how Camilla, Rafe’s ex-girlfriend, emerges as a formidable obstacle in Sienna’s pursuit of love and wealth.

Dylan Morris Excited About Her Hollyoaks Role

Get insights into how the actress feels about her new role in Hollyoaks and what viewers can expect.

Anna Passey’s Perspective on Sienna’s Dilemma

Discover Sienna’s choice between Ethan and Rafe, as discussed by Anna Passey, who plays the character.

How to Watch Hollyoaks

Find out when and where you can catch Hollyoaks’ latest episodes to follow Camilla’s intriguing storyline.