Holly Willoughby Returns to This Morning Following Phillip Schofield’s Departure

Holly Willoughby Returns to This Morning Following Phillip Schofield’s Departure

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. In her opening speech, she addresses the situation and expresses her thoughts and gratitude.


Acknowledging the Absence:

Holly starts by saying hello and acknowledging the absence of Phillip Schofield. She mentions that it feels strange to be sitting there without him.

Shared Feelings:

Holly empathizes with the viewers, indicating that they might have felt similar emotions like she did—shaken, troubled, let down, and concerned about the well-being of everyone involved.

She mentions that it’s a time filled with questions.

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Supporting Someone Who Wasn’t Truthful: Holly acknowledges that she, along with everyone at This Morning, extended their love and support to someone who wasn’t telling the truth.

This individual had to resign from ITV and step down from a career they loved.

She acknowledges the weight of processing such information.


Concern for Mental Health:

Holly highlights the toll it has taken on the person’s mental health and expresses her sympathy.

She emphasizes the collective desire for healing and well-being for everyone involved.

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Finding Strength Together:

Holly expresses hope that as they embark on this new chapter, they can find strength in each other.

She recognizes the show’s warmth and magic and hopes to return to that atmosphere.

Gratitude for Support:

Holly extends her heartfelt thanks for all the kind messages she has received.

She expresses appreciation for the viewers who are present that morning.

Commitment to the Show:

Holly assures the audience that she, along with Josie Gibson, Dermot O’Leary, Alison Hammond, Craig Doyle, and the entire team behind the scenes, will continue working hard every day to bring the show they all love.

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Holly’s opening speech addresses the departure of Phillip Schofield and expresses a mix of emotions.


She acknowledges the challenges faced, emphasizes the importance of healing and well-being, and expresses gratitude for the viewers’ support.

Holly and the team are committed to continuing their work on the show.

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