Kelly Rowland Abruptly Leaves ‘Today’ Set Over Dressing Room Dispute – Hoda Kotb Extends Invitation for Return

Kelly Rowland’s recent departure from her co-hosting gig on the Today show sparked controversy, with reports suggesting she walked off due to dissatisfaction with dressing room arrangements.

The 43-year-old singer, scheduled to guest host the fourth hour with Hoda last week, reportedly expressed concerns about the dressing room offered and decided to leave the set at the last minute.

Rita Ora stepped in as a replacement, leading to speculation and discussions around the unexpected turn of events.

Hoda Kotb’s Invitation and Support:

Hoda Kotb broke her silence on the matter during Tuesday’s episode of Today with Hoda & Jenna.

The 59-year-old host extended an open invitation to Kelly Rowland, expressing her admiration for the Destiny’s Child singer.

Hoda emphasized her love for Rowland and stated that she wants her to return to the show, even offering to share her dressing room.

Jenna Bush Hager echoed the sentiment, stating that Kelly is ‘welcome anytime’ and emphasizing her as the best fit for the show.

The hosts recalled Kelly’s debut on Today, reinforcing their appreciation for her contributions over the years.

Reaction to Rita Ora’s Impromptu Hosting:

During Tuesday’s episode, Hoda also commended Rita Ora for stepping in as a last-minute guest host.

Hoda acknowledged Ora’s phenomenal job and thanked her for filling in unexpectedly.

The positive remarks about Rita Ora’s performance contrast with the reported dressing room drama that led to Kelly Rowland’s exit.

Bethenny Frankel’s Commentary on the Drama:

Bethenny Frankel, a previous co-host on Today, weighed in on the situation in a since-deleted TikTok video.

Frankel acknowledged certain challenges with the dressing room but emphasized the need to be ‘gracious’ given the iconic status of the morning show.

She described being on Today as an ‘institution of entertainment’ and underscored the honor of being part of the show.

Insider Insights into Dressing Room Discontent:

Insiders revealed that Kelly Rowland and her team were dissatisfied with the dressing room provided, leading to a last-minute decision to withdraw from the show.

The dressing rooms on Today were described as notoriously small and not glamorous.

Efforts were made to offer alternative options, including talent dressing rooms and larger make-up and hair areas, but they were reportedly declined.

Unresolved Issues and Public Silence from Kelly Rowland:

As of now, Kelly Rowland has not publicly addressed the dressing room dispute or her sudden exit from the Today show.

The circumstances surrounding the disagreement and the subsequent fallout remain unresolved, leaving fans and industry insiders curious about the future developments and potential reconciliation.

Impacts on Today Show Dynamics and Guest Hosts:

The unexpected departure of Kelly Rowland has raised questions about the dynamics of the Today show and the challenges guest hosts may face.

The incident serves as a reminder of the behind-the-scenes complexities in television production, even on renowned shows like Today.


The controversy surrounding Kelly Rowland’s exit adds a layer of intrigue to the world of morning television.

Hoda Kotb’s invitation for Rowland to return suggests a desire for resolution, but the ongoing speculations and lack of public statements from Kelly Rowland leave room for continued discussions about the incident’s underlying details and potential impact on the show.

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