Salisbury Echoes – Bill Browder Urges Action Against Putin’s Assassination Plans

Salisbury Echoes – Bill Browder Urges Action Against Putin’s Assassination Plans

Kremlin critic and activist, Bill Browder, has raised alarm over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s purported plans for a ‘killing spree’ against his UK enemies.

Browder asserts that Putin, having ‘lost all restraint’ following the death of Alexei Navalny, may target critics and opponents in the UK.

Browder claims that the Russian president has compiled a hit list with at least 12 names.

Navalny’s Death as a Turning Point:

According to Browder, the suspicious death of Alexei Navalny has acted as a catalyst, intensifying the perceived threat from Putin.

Navalny’s widow has accused Putin of orchestrating her husband’s murder, alleging the use of the nerve agent Novichok.

Browder emphasizes that the Russian leader, emboldened by the perceived impunity in Navalny’s case, may escalate attacks on opposition figures.

Concerns for UK Enemies:

Browder expresses concern that Putin’s aggression could extend to the UK, echoing fears of a recurrence of the Salisbury Novichok attack.

The activist warns that those opposing Putin, both in Russia and abroad, are at increased risk of assassination.

He urges preventive measures to avoid a potential ‘international killing spree.’

Bill Browder’s Advocacy Against Putin:

As a vocal critic of Putin’s regime, Browder has been fighting against the Russian president since the murder of his lawyer and whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky in 2009.

Browder describes Putin as a ‘murderous gangster’ and calls for collective action to prevent further aggression.

Currently advocating for the release of imprisoned journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza, Browder emphasizes the need to curb Putin’s actions.

Navalny’s Suspected Cause of Death:

Recent revelations suggest that Navalny might have been killed by a single punch to the heart, a technique associated with the KGB, according to a source inside the prison where Navalny was held.

Human rights campaigner Vladimir Osechkin, citing information from a source in the penal colony, suggests that Navalny was subjected to extreme conditions before his death.

Twitter Controversy and Concerns Over Political Impartiality:

In a related development, concerns over political impartiality on social media platforms arose as Alexei Navalny’s widow, Yulia Navalnaya, experienced a brief suspension of her Twitter account.

The suspension, which was later reinstated amid criticism, raises questions about the platform’s handling of politically sensitive content.


The heightened tensions between Putin’s regime and critics underscore the challenges faced by opposition figures.

Browder’s warnings serve as a call for international attention and action to address the alleged threats posed by the Russian president.

Ongoing developments in Navalny’s case continue to fuel concerns about political dissent and human rights in Russia.