Composer La Rocca Chronicles Spiritual Journey in Challenging Diary: “Conveying the Transcendent

In an exclusive interview with CNA, composer La Rocca opens up about the rigorous contemplation process for his latest work.

Describing it as “far more challenging” than any of his previous compositions, La Rocca maintained a detailed diary during this period, delving into the intricacies of his spiritual and creative journey.

Music Reflecting Divine Perception: La Rocca’s Quest to Echo “How God Sees [the Forgotten]”

As La Rocca immersed himself in the composition, he aimed to capture a profound perspective on the forgotten.

His music becomes a conduit to reflect “how God sees [the forgotten],” going beyond mere shelter to emphasize the fundamental human need for a home – a concept he identifies as finding its ultimate manifestation in the Church.

Catholic Faith Infuses Artistic Creation: La Rocca on Seeking the Transcendent Through Music

Delving into the influence of his Catholic faith on his artistic endeavors, La Rocca emphasizes a shared human pursuit of the transcendent – a quest for truth, beauty, and goodness.

He underscores the role of arts, particularly music, as a medium offering glimpses into the ineffable, providing a channel for encounters with the divine.

Reviving Tradition: La Rocca’s Requiem Mass and the Historical Evolution of the ‘Musical Mass’

Exploring the historical context of the ‘musical Mass,’ La Rocca’s composition aligns with a tradition dating back to the medieval era, marked by Gregorian chants.

Music historian Carrillo traces the evolution of these compositions, noting their transition from sacred spaces to concert stages in the 1700s-1800s.

La Rocca’s Requiem Mass, uniquely embedded in a religious context, emerges as a revival of this historical musical genre.

Beyond Concerts: La Rocca’s Requiem Mass as a Unique Fusion of Spiritual and Musical Experience

Distinguishing itself from conventional concerts, La Rocca’s Requiem Mass transcends into a unique realm by merging musical performance with the sacred context of a Mass.

Carrillo applauds this distinct approach, emphasizing its uniqueness and rarity, harkening back to the original function of the musical genre.

The fusion of music and Mass is seen as a significant contribution to contemporary musical history.

Unveiling La Rocca’s Requiem Mass: Attend the Free Event in South Miami or Join the Livestream

The public is invited to witness the unveiling of La Rocca’s Requiem Mass at a free in-person event on March 15 at 7:30 p.m. Hosted at Epiphany Catholic Church in South Miami, the performance promises to be a spiritual and musical journey.

Those unable to attend in person can join the livestream, ensuring widespread access to this unique fusion of art and spirituality.

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Kate Quiñones, a staff writer for Catholic News Agency and a fellow of the College Fix, brings her expertise to the realm of spiritual narratives.

Published in renowned publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Denver Catholic Register, Quiñones, a Hillsdale College graduate, enriches the literary landscape with her insightful storytelling.

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