Hiker Stalked by Puma in Terrifying Encounter in the English Countryside

Hiker Stalked by Puma in Terrifying Encounter in the English Countryside

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. In the quiet English countryside of Dorset, a walker named Jonathan had an unnerving experience while enjoying a hike.


Unbeknownst to him, he was being followed by an unknown creature.

Initially, Jonathan noticed movements that seemed to mimic his own along the trail, leading him to believe it was just a fox observing him.

However, after a few more instances, he spotted subtle twitching in the grass and gradually discerned the presence of a larger animal.

To his astonishment, he realized it was a puma, and the animal appeared to have a purpose in its close proximity to him.

The Startling Realization: A Puma in the Midst

As Jonathan carefully observed the creature, he noticed distinct features that confirmed his suspicions.

First, he caught sight of fur, followed by unmistakable ears and a swishing tail.


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In that moment of realization, Jonathan was overcome with a mix of awe and trepidation.

He comprehended that the animal watching him from just a few meters away was indeed a puma—a majestic but potentially dangerous predator.

Moreover, it became clear to him that the puma had a deliberate motive for remaining in such close proximity.

A Curious Encounter: A Puma Cub Revealed

The following day, driven by his encounter with the puma, Jonathan ventured out to the same location at daybreak.

Hoping to gain further insights, he settled in and patiently waited.

Surprisingly, the landscape appeared devoid of any extraordinary sightings, except for a herd of Sika deer approximately 300 yards away.

As Jonathan focused his attention on the deer, he noticed one animal that stood apart from the rest.

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Suddenly, an unexpected sight unfolded before his eyes—an agile creature burst out from a nearby bush, running swiftly towards the lone animal in the heather.


Astonishingly, the creature that emerged was a puma cub, and it sprang into the air, startling the other animal, which promptly joined the young puma in their dash across the landscape.

Accounts of Big Cat Sightings: A Widespread Phenomenon

Jonathan’s encounter is not an isolated incident.

Numerous individuals, including farmers, dog walkers, and train conductors, have shared their own stories of encounters with large feline predators in the West Country.

Some have been fortunate enough to witness these enigmatic creatures on multiple occasions, while others recount spine-chilling tales of being stalked by what they believe to be a panther.

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The sightings have become so prevalent that they have captured the attention and curiosity of the local community.

The Quest for Confirmation: DNA Analysis Sheds Light

In an effort to shed light on these sightings and validate the claims, researchers recently analyzed a black hair sample discovered on a fence at a farm in Gloucestershire.

The results of the DNA analysis revealed a 99 percent likelihood that the hair belonged to a black leopard, providing further evidence of the presence of large feline predators in the area.

As stories of encounters with big cats continue to circulate and scientific evidence supports their existence, the mysteries surrounding these elusive creatures in the English countryside persist, captivating the imaginations of those who wander the trails and fields.


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