Heroic Samaritan Tammi Murrah Arrington Rescues Paralyzed Man from Burning Car

In a remarkable act of heroism, a Good Samaritan, later identified as Tammi Murrah Arrington, courageously saved a paralyzed man, Dennis Brown, from a burning car.

This selfless act not only captured the attention of the local community but also led to a heartwarming reunion between the two individuals.

This article narrates the incredible rescue and the subsequent events that unfolded.

Identified Wednesday as 42-year-old Tammi Arrington, the mom-of-one had been visiting Dallas from Mississippi when the incident occurred, during which she bravely retrieved wheelchair-bound local Dennis Brown from the combusting car

The Heroic Rescue

Tammi Murrah Arrington, a mother from Mississippi visiting Dallas, became a hero when she rescued Dennis Brown from a burning car.

Brown, who had lost the ability to walk after a past incident, found himself trapped inside a combusting vehicle.

His harrowing experience was captured in a nail-biting video, showcasing the close call he had with a fiery fate.

Brown’s Terrifying Ordeal

Brown had rented a car equipped with hand controls from Enterprise and had experienced issues with the vehicle before.

On that fateful Sunday, as he struggled to piece together his wheelchair, he realized the front end of the car was on fire.

Panic set in as he attempted to salvage the situation.

Tammi Murrah Arrington’s Brave Efforts

In the midst of the chaos, Tammi Arrington appeared at Brown’s side.

She attempted to assemble his wheelchair while the car was engulfed in flames.

Despite the dire circumstances, her determination shone through.

Brown recalls the intensity of the situation, where both of them faced the impending danger.

The Rescue and Its Aftermath

After a challenging struggle, Tammi Arrington managed to free Brown from the burning car.

Moments later, another passerby captured footage of the vehicle completely consumed by the fire.

Firefighters arrived to extinguish the inferno, but Brown was safe, thanks to Arrington’s brave rescue operation.

The Reunion and Gratitude

Following the rescue, Brown shared the unbelievable footage on social media.

Tammi Arrington, his savior, commented on the post, expressing her eagerness to meet him in person.

They quickly reconnected and made plans for a future meeting.

Brown also revealed that Enterprise had refunded all charges and issued apologies for the incident.

Appreciation and Reunion

Brown expressed his gratitude to all who had checked on him during the ordeal and shared the news of his miraculous rescue.

He revealed the identity of his rescuer, Tammi Murrah Arrington, and promised news coverage of their upcoming reunion.

Brown and his mother, Julia, conveyed their heartfelt appreciation for Tammi Arrington’s heroic act.


This inspiring story highlights the incredible bravery of Tammi Murrah Arrington, who risked her life to save Dennis Brown from a burning car.

It also emphasizes the power of social media in reuniting these two individuals and fostering a deep sense of gratitude and connection.

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