Hearts Captain Naismith Condemns ‘Unacceptable’ Missile Throwing, Fears Impact on Edinburgh Derby

Steven Naismith, Hearts’ captain, expressed serious concerns about the future of the Edinburgh derby following an incident where various objects were thrown at teammate Lawrence Shankland during a penalty kick at Tynecastle Stadium.

The delay caused by the missile-throwing incident prompted Naismith to issue a warning, suggesting that if such behavior persists, it could lead to a reduction in the number of Hibs fans attending future matches in Gorgie.

Shameful Scenes at Tynecastle: Objects Thrown at Shankland

The penalty, awarded to Hearts to equalize Emiliano Marcondes’ opener, turned into a spectacle as objects like a bottle opener, lighter, meat pie, and Apple AirPods were thrown at Shankland.

Despite the interruptions, Shankland displayed composure, taking a bite of the pie and laughing at the opposition fans. Naismith strongly condemned the incident, emphasizing the lack of acceptability for such behavior.

Potential Impact on Atmosphere: Naismith Fears Reduction in Fan Attendance

Naismith, highlighting the importance of defining moments in games, expressed disappointment at the shameful scenes.

He warned that if such incidents are not addressed, authorities might decide to reduce the number of fans in attendance at the stand, impacting the vibrant atmosphere and fierce rivalry of the derby.

Naismith attributed the incident to a few “idiots” who might spoil the experience for everyone.

Post-Match Reflections: Hearts’ Performance and Missed Opportunities

Reflecting on the match itself, Naismith expressed disappointment at Hearts’ failure to secure a victory and extend their lead in the Premiership over city rivals Hibs.

He acknowledged that the game lacked a bit of quality, with both teams having chances but lacking the final moment of brilliance. Naismith discussed the penalty incident, stating his confidence in the decision and feeling that Kenneth Vargas was rightfully awarded the penalty after Will Fish’s foul.

Hibs Manager’s Perspective: Montgomery Believes in Team’s Performance

On the Hibs side, manager Nick Montgomery believed his team should have left Tynecastle with a victory.

He praised the team’s performance and the momentum building in recent weeks. Montgomery expressed satisfaction with Hibs’ display, asserting that they deserved all three points in the match.

Location and Context: Tynecastle Incident Raises Concerns in Edinburgh

The incident occurred at Tynecastle Stadium, the venue for the Edinburgh derby.

The missile-throwing episode has sparked discussions about the future of the historic derby and raised questions about the behavior of certain fans that could impact the overall atmosphere of the matches held in Gorgie.

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