Heartbreaking Tragedy: Four-Year-Old Twins Suffocate While Snuggling in Toy Chest

In a devastating tragedy, four-year-old twins, Aurora and Kellan, lost their lives when they suffocated inside a cedar toy chest where they had fallen asleep during the night.

This heartbreaking incident unfolded after their father, Don Starr, put them to bed one Friday evening.

However, in the middle of the night, the twins decided to snuggle up inside the toy chest used to store their stuffed animals.

Tragically, they ran out of oxygen, leading to their untimely demise.

A Mother’s Heartbreak and Urgent Warning

Their mother, Sadie Myers, shared her grief and shock on social media, emphasizing the incomprehensible pain of losing both children simultaneously.

She expressed her deep sorrow and her struggle to make sense of the tragedy, urging parents to be aware of the unexpected danger posed by toy chests that can become airtight and soundproof when closed.

Myers’ poignant words on Facebook conveyed the profound anguish she and her husband experienced, highlighting the challenge of concealing their grief from their other children.

She contemplated the possibility that something in the universe had a purpose in taking her twins, perhaps to protect them from future hardships or because their souls were too pure for this world.

The Tragic Sequence of Events

On the night of the incident, Sadie Myers was working, leaving her husband Don responsible for putting their four children to bed.

During the early hours of Saturday, the twins woke up and decided to play inside the wooden toy chest.

It was not uncommon for the twins to wake up at unusual times, often found sleeping in various spots with toys scattered about.

Tragically, on this particular night, they chose the toy chest to snuggle up and go back to sleep.

Their mother woke up on Saturday morning and became alarmed when she couldn’t find the twins in their usual places.

A frantic search ensued, and one of their older brothers eventually opened the chest, unaware of the twins’ fate.

In innocence, he exclaimed, “Mommy! I found them! They are so silly just sleeping in the toy box.”

However, Sadie Myers instantly recognized the devastating reality that they had passed away.

A Warning About Toy Chest Safety

Myers stressed that many wooden toy chests, when closed, can become airtight and soundproof, an important fact that many parents may not be aware of.

She shared the painful insight that as the twins slept, they gradually ran out of oxygen over a few hours, peacefully transitioning from sleep to eternity without a sudden gasp for air.

Coping with Grief and Support

In the wake of this tragedy, the older siblings have been staying with family members to shield them from witnessing their parents’ grief and to avoid potential emotional triggers.

Family therapy sessions are planned to help them navigate this unimaginable loss.

Sadie and Don expressed gratitude for the precious four years they had with the twins, describing them as a source of laughter, joy, and love in their lives.

Respect for Privacy and Support for the Family

Local authorities responded to the scene but were unable to save the children.

To respect the family’s privacy, details about the incident were kept to a minimum.

In a show of support, a GoFundMe campaign was initiated by Sadie Myers’ sister, Deanna, raising nearly $17,000 to assist the grieving family.

The twins’ aunt emphasized that despite their demanding work schedules, Sadie and Don were dedicated parents, ensuring they were always present and loving with their four children.

She concluded that the tragedy was an inconceivable event that defied planning or belief.

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