Skier Triggers Avalanche on Mount Washington

Skier Triggers Avalanche on Mount Washington

Avalanche Incident at Mount Washington

A heart-stopping video captured Dominic Torro skiing ‘Airplane Gully’ on Mount Washington, triggering a massive avalanche.

Torro, 30, experienced this frightening ordeal while skiing with a friend, resulting in a severe lower leg injury. The accident occurred around 11:35 am on Saturday, prompting an urgent rescue mission.

The Avalanche Unfolds

The video, released by the Mount Washington Avalanche Center, depicts Torro skiing down the slope before a sudden rush of snow follows him.

Within seconds, the avalanche engulfs him, causing him to lose control and disappear into a cloud of snow. Despite his distress, he manages to make a hard landing.

Rescue Efforts and Medical Assistance

Following the avalanche, Torro’s friend and another skier assisted him and called for emergency help. The National Guard Helicopter located Torro, lowering a medic to assess his condition before transporting him to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. The efforts included creating space in the snow for paramedics to aid Torro.

Mount Washington’s Terrain and History

Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeastern United States, is notorious for its unpredictable weather. ‘Airplane Gully’ gained its name from a 1959 airplane crash and serves as a reminder of the area’s history. Despite a general advisory period and no daily avalanche hazard rating, the center emphasizes potential dangers.

Skier’s Rescue and Avalanche Risks

Torro’s rescue highlights the risks associated with mountain activities, with an average of 25 people requiring rescue annually due to avalanches. The Mount Washington Avalanche Center emphasizes individual responsibility in managing risks while navigating mountainous terrain.

Conclusion and Safety Message

As the skier remains in an unknown condition, officials urge caution and vigilance, emphasizing personal responsibility in navigating mountainous regions to mitigate potential avalanche risks.

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