Avalanche strikes Lee Canyon ski resort near Las Vegas, five individuals missing

Avalanche strikes Lee Canyon ski resort near Las Vegas, five individuals missing

In a distressing turn of events, an avalanche struck Lee Canyon ski resort near Las Vegas on Monday afternoon, leaving five individuals missing.

The incident unfolded against the backdrop of heavy snowfall that persisted overnight and into mid-morning, creating treacherous conditions in the region.

Challenges in Recovery Efforts:

The aftermath of the avalanche has posed significant challenges to recovery efforts, with a witness noting the depth of the snow hindering plowing attempts.

The accumulation of snow is reportedly so extensive that conventional plowing methods are rendered virtually impossible.

The adverse weather conditions are impeding not only the search for the missing individuals but also the basic task of clearing the affected area.

Impact on Transportation and Local Roads:

Clark County authorities reported that the avalanche prompted the closure of travel routes, specifically roads SR 156 and 157, disrupting normal transportation in the area.

The severity of the incident and the ongoing recovery operations have necessitated road closures for safety reasons.

Eyewitness Accounts and Meteorological Factors:

Eyewitness accounts shed light on the suddenness of the avalanche, with one observer mentioning the collapse of the bowl around Sherwood.

The witness attributed the incident to a combination of factors, including heavy snowfall beginning around 10:30 to 11 o’clock, with wet snow accumulating on top of the dry snow from the previous night.

Proximity to Las Vegas and Urgent Safety Measures:

Situated approximately an hour’s drive away from Las Vegas, or about 50 miles, Lee Canyon ski resort’s proximity underscores the urgency of the situation.

Authorities are advising the public to steer clear of the affected area until weather conditions improve and recovery efforts progress.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department emphasized the hazardous conditions and urged caution.

Search and Rescue Operation:

In response to the crisis, the Metro Police Search & Rescue team has been dispatched to locate the missing individuals.

The challenging weather conditions add an extra layer of complexity to the search and rescue mission.

Authorities are actively working to gather more information, emphasizing the need for patience and caution among the public.

Weather Dynamics and Atmospheric River Impact:

The broader context of the incident involves the recent onslaught of adverse weather in the western United States, including the Las Vegas area.

A potent winter storm, fueled by an ‘atmospheric river,’ has inundated the region.

An atmospheric river is a concentrated channel of moisture originating from the subtropics, resulting in heavy rainfall and challenging weather conditions.

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