James Hewitt’s Airport Encounter Unveils His Life After Princess Diana

James Hewitt’s Post-‘The Crown’ Life
Amid the fervor surrounding the final season of ‘The Crown,’ James Hewitt, the former Army officer famously linked to Princess Diana, emerged from relative obscurity, seen flying from Ireland in the company of a countess and a film producer.

Encounters at Shannon Airport
Hewitt, recognized as ‘The Cad’ due to his involvement with Princess Diana, was spotted at Shannon Airport with an Italian countess, Alessandra de Michelis di Slonghello, and a film producer. Witnesses overheard the group engaging in discussions about the accuracy of ‘The Crown,’ adding intrigue to the narrative surrounding the Royal Family depicted in the series.

Insights into Hewitt’s Quiet Life
Despite Hewitt’s reluctance to comment on the encounter, glimpses into his life post-‘The Crown’ reveal his brief portrayal in the series and fictitious scenes surrounding his affair with Diana. Notably, his separation from Diana and their complicated relationship, as depicted in the series, echoed elements of their real-life story.

James Hewitt’s Past and Controversies
Born in Londonderry and associated with the Royal Marines, Hewitt’s rendezvous with Princess Diana sparked global fascination. While their affair became public, it was refuted that he was Prince Harry’s father, the confirmation being that he met Diana after Harry’s birth.

Relationship and Post-Affair Events
Their affair, kindled during Diana’s marital struggles with Prince Charles, eventually ended in 1992, coinciding with Hewitt’s deployment to Iraq during the Gulf War. Discharged from the Life Guards in 1994 due to revelations about their correspondence, he co-authored a book detailing their relationship.

Recollections of Love and Life
In subsequent interviews, Hewitt recalled his emotional connection with Princess Diana, describing her unique allure and the desire to shield her from public scrutiny. His narratives painted a picture of shared moments, including walks, beach outings, and simple dinners that punctuated their time together.

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