Outrage Erupts Over Disturbing Video of Assault on Woman in Kenya


A deeply unsettling video depicting a man repeatedly assaulting his purported girlfriend, while his male friend looks on, has triggered outrage among Kenyan social media users.

Many are demanding the arrest of the man responsible for the alleged assault.

The Disturbing Video:

Violent Acts Unfold The video, initially shared by Human Rights enthusiast Alvin Ang’ienda, portrays a dreadlocked man identified as Raymond Nduga, who is said to be a lawyer.

In the video, Raymond is seen repeatedly slapping a woman, identified as Dorris Everlyne Tado, who is seated across from him.

Escalation of Aggression As the altercation escalates, Dorris attempts to defuse the situation.

However, Raymond responds with further violence, backhanding her while shouting, “Leave here, Leave here!”

Desperate Pleas Throughout the video, the woman keeps repeating, “I’ve been jealous,” but Raymond continues his aggressive behavior, demanding that she leave.

Unanswered Questions:

Incident Details The video lacks information regarding when and why this incident occurred.

Despite the absence of a clear timeline or context, the video has provoked strong reactions on both Facebook and other social media platforms, with many condemning the man’s actions and calling for his arrest.

Public Outcry and Demands for Justice:

Lawyer’s Conduct Criticized Lawyer Maxwell Wafula expressed disappointment, stating, “That guy is a lawyer? I’m disappointed.

I thought lawyers were supposed to untangle messes, not jump into the spaghetti bowl.” He further implied that if the man had harmed his sister, he would personally intervene.

Urgent Calls for Arrest Pauline Njoroge called for immediate action, saying, “Raymond Nduga cannot sleep in his house today, he must be arrested!!!!”

She questioned the justification for a man to assault a vulnerable woman and then publicly boast about it.

Outrage and Solidarity Abuga Makori voiced his outrage, urging Kenyans to boycott any business associated with Raymond Nduga and to demand his arrest and prosecution.

He emphasized that partner violence should not be tolerated in this day and age.


The video has elicited widespread condemnation and calls for justice from the Kenyan public. The incident highlights the importance of addressing and preventing domestic violence, irrespective of the alleged perpetrator’s profession or status.

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