Yearning for Reunion: Lyta’s Desire to Return to YBNL Nation

Yearning for Reunion: Lyta’s Desire to Return to YBNL Nation

Nigerian artist Opeyemi Rahim, widely known as Lyta, has expressed a strong desire to reunite with his former record label, YBNL Nation, owned by Olamide Baddo.

In a recent appearance on the Ginger Yourself Podcast, Lyta clarified that his departure from YBNL was not intentional and expressed his eagerness to return.

Unintentional Departure: Lyta Sets the Record Straight

Lyta emphasized that his decision to leave YBNL was not intentional. He revealed that he did not hear from Olamide before his departure, and after leaving, communication was limited as Olamide seemingly distanced himself.

However, Lyta shared that he reached out to Olamide on his birthday via Instagram, and the rapper responded.

Instagram Interaction: Limited Engagement with Olamide

While discussing the aftermath of his departure, Lyta mentioned that Olamide does not follow anyone on Instagram, including him.

Despite this, he conveyed his efforts to reconnect and his genuine wish to be back with YBNL, highlighting the significance of the label in his career.

Past Misunderstandings: Insights from Earlier Interviews

The rift between Lyta and YBNL came to public attention in 2019 when Olamide disclosed that Lyta sought to leave the label after claiming to attract another record label.

This sparked criticism from fans who accused Olamide of abandoning the promising rapper. In a 2022 interview, Lyta explained that external influences and conflicting information led to his decision to leave.

Efforts for Reconciliation: Lyta’s Attempts to Return

Lyta disclosed that he actively sought to return to YBNL, making efforts to communicate and even enlisting the support of others to facilitate his reunion.

However, Olamide remained unresponsive to these attempts. The complexities of the situation highlight the challenges artists may face in navigating the intricate dynamics of the music industry.

The Longing for Unity: A Hopeful Reunion

As Lyta openly expresses his desire to rejoin YBNL Nation, the unfolding narrative raises questions about the potential for reconciliation and the importance of clear communication in the artist-label relationship.

The music industry’s dynamics often involve intricate negotiations, and the resolution of misunderstandings can pave the way for fruitful collaborations. Lyta’s journey underscores the significance of unity and collaboration in the ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian music.

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