Former YBNL Member Temmie Ovwasa Criticizes Olamide and His Wife’s Treatment, Reveals Personal Struggles

Former member of YBNL, Temmie Ovwasa, has initiated a series of criticisms directed at her former employer, Olamide, but this time, her grievances extend to his wife’s involvement in the matter.

In her candid expressions, the singer conveys her resentment and discontent regarding how Olamide’s wife handled her during her tenure under their supervision.

Allegations of Public Humiliation

Temmie Ovwasa alleges that the couple subjected her to mistreatment, with Olamide’s wife frequently resorting to public humiliation by bringing up her modest upbringing in Ilorin.

She provides detailed accounts of these public embarrassments, characterizing Olamide’s wife as a “mean woman.”

Remarkably, she expresses relief that she never experienced the violent side of this treatment.

Uncomfortable Moments and Errand Duties

In a separate set of tweets, Temmie recounts uncomfortable instances where Olamide’s wife would offer her perfumes, ostensibly out of a perception of her as impoverished, while simultaneously hiring a nanny to care for her own child.

Additionally, it is alleged that Olamide and his wife held numerous discussions concerning her sexuality, communication style, and her purported failure to comprehend Olamide’s wife’s cryptic language.

She goes further to assert that she was essentially turned into an errand girl by Olamide’s wife.

Revelation of Mental Health Struggles

In response to accusations of drug use, Temmie Ovwasa discloses that her history of mental health issues played a significant role in her addiction to hard narcotics.

She cites the recent passing of Mohbad and the unsettling revelations surrounding it as the catalyst for her decision to speak out.

Commentary on Temmie Ovwasa’s Revelations

Temmie Ovwasa’s public critique of her former employer and his wife is a stark reminder of the complexities within the entertainment industry, particularly for emerging artists.

Her allegations of mistreatment and public humiliation underscore the importance of respectful and ethical conduct within the mentorship and management of budding talents.

Furthermore, her openness about her struggles with mental health and addiction serves as a reminder of the broader mental health challenges faced by many artists in the music industry.

This revelation also highlights the need for better mental health support and awareness within the industry.

As her story unfolds, it prompts reflection on the responsibilities of mentors and the well-being of artists as they navigate their careers.

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