Howdens Introduces Oven Tray Mimicking Air Fryer Functions

Howdens Introduces Oven Tray Mimicking Air Fryer Functions

Kitchen Space Savior

For those dreaming of more kitchen space this Christmas, Howdens has introduced a game-changing product: the Lamona Air Fryer Tray.

This innovative tray, slotted into a standard oven, claims to replicate the functionalities of a countertop air fryer.

Mimicking Air Fryer Technology

Howdens’ stainless steel tray imitates air fryer cooking using its ‘welded, mesh design.’ This design allows heated air to circulate around food items akin to a traditional air fryer.

In a demonstration by interiors influencer Kate Ward (@kateandherhome) on Howdens’ Instagram, the tray was used to prepare chips, showcasing its capabilities.

Efficiency and Health Benefits

The company claims that using this tray is not only faster but also saves up to 80% on energy consumption. Its minimal oil usage makes it a healthier option without compromising on taste. Moreover, it’s touted to be easier to clean and store compared to a regular air fryer.

Air Fryer vs. Oven: Energy Efficiency

While air fryers have gained popularity due to their energy-saving attributes compared to conventional ovens or microwaves, some have expressed concerns about their space-consuming nature. The Lamona Air Fryer Tray appears to address this issue, receiving positive feedback for its space-saving innovation.

User Reactions and Commentary

Comments on Kate’s Instagram post about the tray reflect excitement about the product’s space-saving capabilities. Users highlight the challenge of limited kitchen space and appreciate this clever solution.

Energy Consumption Comparison

A comparison between an electric oven and an air fryer reveals intriguing insights into energy use and cooking times for sausages. The data presents a compelling case for the energy-efficient nature of air fryers, making them an appealing option for modern kitchens.

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