Controversy Erupts as Trans Cyclist Kylie Small Wins National Title After Male Competitions

Controversy Erupts as Trans Cyclist Kylie Small Wins National Title After Male Competitions

Controversial Win: Trans Cyclist Kylie Small Claims Women’s Singlespeed National Title

Outrage has erupted online following the victory of trans cyclist Kylie Small in the Women’s Singlespeed national title at the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championship.

Small, who transitioned earlier this year, had previously competed in men’s races and secured the gold with a time of 38 minutes and 19 seconds.

From 44th in Men’s Race to Women’s Gold: Kylie Small’s Remarkable Journey

Kylie Small’s transition from men’s races to winning the Women’s Singlespeed national title has sparked controversy and discussions about inclusivity in sports.

Small, attending Fort Lewis College in Colorado, clinched victory in the championship held in Louisville, Kentucky, last week.

International Council on Women’s Sports Condemns USA Cycling

The International Council on Women’s Sports has condemned USA Cycling for allowing trans women to self-identify into the women’s category. Critics argue that such inclusivity may impact the fairness and competitiveness of women’s sports.

USA Cycling’s Response: Testosterone Level Testing in 2024

In response to the controversy, USA Cycling announced plans to test the testosterone levels of trans women seeking to compete in women’s leagues starting in 2024.

The new policy categorizes transgender athletes as Group A or Group B, with specific requirements for each category to ensure fairness.

Social Media Backlash and Public Opinion

The news of Kylie Small’s victory has stirred social media backlash, with users expressing varied opinions on the inclusion of trans athletes in gender-specific sports categories. Some argue that such inclusion is unfair, while others advocate for equal opportunities for transgender individuals.

Similar Incidents Sparking Debate in Women’s Athletics

The controversy surrounding Kylie Small’s win comes after another incident where two transgender women claimed the top two spots in the Women’s Singlespeed category at the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships.

Advocates for women’s sports expressed dismay over podium spots being taken from biologically female competitors.

Prominent Figures React to the Controversy

Prominent figures, including Megyn Kelly, Martina Navratilova, and Piers Morgan, have expressed their frustration and criticism over the incidents. Debate continues on the appropriate measures to ensure fair competition and maintain the integrity of women’s sports.


The controversy surrounding Kylie Small’s victory highlights the ongoing discussions about inclusivity, fairness, and the challenges faced by sports organizations in accommodating transgender athletes.

As the debate continues, the sports community grapples with finding a balance that ensures equal opportunities while preserving the integrity of competition.

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