Harry Potter Fan’s Childhood Dream: Father Builds Mini Hogwarts in Back Garden

Harry Potter Fan’s Childhood Dream: Father Builds Mini Hogwarts in Back Garden

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media.

Megan’s Love for Harry Potter:

Megan Mackin, now 24, was an avid fan of the Harry Potter books during her childhood.


She cherished the stories by J.K. Rowling and would read them repeatedly, finding great joy in the magical world they portrayed.

A Mini Hogwarts in the Back Garden:

Megan’s father, Sean Mackin, went to great lengths to indulge her love for Harry Potter.

He constructed a miniature version of Hogwarts, the renowned school from the books, in their backyard.

The impressive structure, built 15 years ago, remains a treasured part of their family home.

Changing Perspectives:

Although Megan has moved out to pursue her studies at university, she admits that her enthusiasm for Harry Potter has waned over time.

However, this won’t deter her from enjoying the beloved films, especially since they are now available on Netflix.


The Enduring Symbol:

Megan acknowledges that while her passion for Harry Potter has diminished, the castle in their garden still holds a special place in her heart.

It has been a part of her life since childhood, and she cherishes the nostalgia it evokes.

Fond Memories:

Megan reminisces about the origins of her Harry Potter obsession, which began when she was very young.

She collected various Potter-themed items, including a Gryffindor cloak, a wand, Hogwarts train tickets, and the books and DVDs of the films.

Among these cherished possessions, her father’s handmade Hogwarts castle stood out as her favorite.

Unveiling the Tower:

Megan vividly recalls the moment when her father revealed the tower to her and her sister.

The experience left her speechless, and she cherished the tower not only as a play area but also as a storage space for her toys.

She spent countless hours in the tower, watching Disney films on her personal TV.


The Tower’s Current State:

As Megan grew older and focused on her GCSEs, her interest in the castle waned.

Although she still enjoys using it as a cozy den during visits home from university, the tower has suffered some wear and tear due to the Irish weather.

Despite its deteriorating exterior, the structure remains structurally sound and holds deep sentimental value for the family.

Welcoming the Films on Netflix:

Megan welcomes the arrival of the Harry Potter films on Netflix, as it provides a new opportunity for younger generations to appreciate the series.

While Megan may no longer be as passionate about Harry Potter as she once was, the nostalgia factor draws her to watch the films again.

She also highlights the convenience of streaming services, as they make the films more accessible to today’s youth compared to buying physical DVDs.


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