Hamas Leader’s Calculations Backfire – Israel’s Retaliation ‘Dangerous’ After Gaza Incursion

Hamas Leader’s Calculations Backfire – Israel’s Retaliation ‘Dangerous’ After Gaza Incursion

Yahya Sinwar, leader of Hamas, reportedly did not anticipate the extent of Israel’s response to the October 7 attack, according to statements from his friend, Esmat Mansour.

Sinwar’s calculations on the impact of the incursion into Israel, intended to aid his friend’s release from prison and alleviate the ‘Israeli siege,’ did not unfold as planned.

Mansour suggested that Israel’s reaction was perceived as uncontrolled and lacking justification, leading to severe consequences for Hamas in Gaza.

Miscalculated Plan and Unintended Consequences

Sinwar’s plan, aimed at securing the release of a friend from prison and easing the situation in Gaza, was described by Mansour as miscalculated.

The operation, meant to support Sinwar’s incarcerated acquaintance in becoming another Hamas leader, ended up providing Israel with reasons and justifications for an intensified response.

Mansour emphasized that the operation’s complications exceeded Sinwar’s expectations, leading to unforeseen and dangerous outcomes.

Sinwar’s Background and Israeli Pursuit

Yahya Sinwar, fluent in Hebrew, had spent two decades in an Israeli prison before his release in 2011 in exchange for an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit.

The IDF recently released a video allegedly showing Sinwar and his family in a tunnel, captured three days after the October 7 massacre.

Israel considers Sinwar a ‘dead man walking,’ with ongoing efforts to locate him, as confirmed by a video showing his escape through a tunnel.

Israeli Military’s Hunt for Sinwar

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed to have uncovered a video showing Sinwar fleeing with his family through an underground tunnel to a pre-prepared complex.

The IDF spokesperson asserted that the hunt for Sinwar would persist until he is captured, either dead or alive.

Sinwar’s current role and location within Hamas have been a subject of Israeli scrutiny, with recent statements suggesting he is no longer leading the group’s military operations in Gaza.

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