Diners in Gurugram Hospitalized After Consuming Dry Ice as Mouth Freshener, Manager Arrested

In a shocking incident at La Forestta Cafe in Gurugram, northern India, a group of diners faced a health crisis after being served dry ice as a mouth freshener.

The aftermath saw five individuals falling seriously ill, with disturbing footage of the incident circulating widely.

The restaurant manager now faces charges of poisoning with the intent to cause harm.

Health Emergency Unfolds: Gurugram’s La Forestta Cafe Grapples with Dry Ice Mishap

A routine dining experience turned into a nightmare for patrons at La Forestta Cafe in Gurugram as five individuals fell seriously ill after consuming a sugar and spice mix, traditionally served as a mouth freshener in some Indian restaurants.

The incident, involving dry ice, prompted swift action, leading to the arrest of the restaurant manager.

Manager in Custody: Arrest Made Following Poisoning Incident at Gurugram Restaurant

The manager of La Forestta Cafe in Gurugram was taken into custody on Tuesday after five diners experienced severe health repercussions from ingesting a sugar and spice mix containing dry ice.

The charges of poisoning with the intent to cause hurt or harm underscore the gravity of the situation.

Critical Conditions: Two Diners Fight for Life After Dry Ice Ingestion in Gurugram

Among the affected diners, two are reported to be in critical condition, raising concerns about the potential long-term effects of the dry ice ingestion.

The incident unfolded when a waiter offered the group a packet of mouth freshener, leading to burning sensations, bleeding, and vomiting.

Search for Answers: Investigation Underway in Gurugram Dry Ice Poisoning Case

The victims, part of a larger group of six, experienced immediate distress after consuming the dry ice-laced mouth freshener.

Ankit Kumar, one of the diners, raised the alarm, leading to a police report. With forensic analysis underway, authorities are actively investigating the incident, including the search for the restaurant owner.

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