Nathaniel Bassey Injects Humor into the New Year, Encourages Singles to ‘Gree for Somebody’ in 2024

A Playful Departure from the Norm: Nathaniel Bassey’s Comedic Relationship Guidance

Nathaniel Bassey’s unconventional counsel diverges from the commonly held sentiment of “no gree for anybody,” infusing a sense of humor into relationship advice for the new year.

The singer playfully suggests embracing a more accommodating attitude in matters of the heart.

Recalling Nathaniel Bassey’s Recent Interaction with Frank Edwards on Marriage

This humorous recommendation follows Nathaniel Bassey’s recent engagement with fellow artist Frank Edwards regarding the topic of marriage.

During a vlog post documenting his journey from Lagos to Abuja, Bassey seized the opportunity to remind Edwards that his house was in need of a “Mrs.”

A Reminder in the Midst of Flight Delays: Nathaniel Bassey’s Light-hearted Nudge

The gospel singer, amidst narrating a flight delay experience, cleverly reminded Frank Edwards about the absence of a “Mrs.” in his household.

Bassey’s playful comment sparked agreement from Edwards, affirming the acknowledgment of a future “MRS.” for his home.

A Playful Exchange: Nathaniel Bassey and Frank Edwards Embrace the Humor

Responding to Bassey’s comment, Frank Edwards acknowledged the playful reminder and humorously confirmed that the spark had been ignited, expressing the anticipation of a future “MRS.” in his life.

In the realm of celebrity banter and playful relationship nudges, Nathaniel Bassey’s humorous advice adds a refreshing and light-hearted perspective to the usual discourse on love and companionship.

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