SPCA Raid Reveals Disturbing Animal Welfare Issues at Eagle Encounters, Spier

SPCA’s Alarming Discovery

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA recently conducted a raid on Eagle Encounters at the renowned Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch, unveiling serious animal welfare concerns.

The inspection, conducted by SPCA inspectors, resulted in the confiscation of six birds of prey, three snakes, and an Egyptian goose from the facility.

Misalignment with the Advertised Image

Eagle Encounters at Spier advertises itself as a place that offers wildlife rehabilitation, conservation, and educational opportunities for families.

The venue boasts personal encounters with various birds, interactive flying shows, and even supplies birds for film shoots.

Their website suggests an endorsement by Cape Nature.

Obstruction and Criminal Charges

During the SPCA raid of Eagle Encounters, the organization encountered significant obstruction.

Initially denied access to the property, SPCA inspectors took legal action, filing criminal charges of obstruction against the facility’s owners with the Stellenbosch SAPS.

Shocking Conditions Uncovered

A court order was obtained to grant inspectors access to the property, and what they found was shocking.

In a shed on the premises, they discovered five birds concealed in crates, with their conditions far from the advertised standards.

Two birds, including a Booted Eagle and a Spotted Eagle Owl, had fractured wings and untreated maggot-infested wounds.

These birds had been under the facility’s care without receiving proper veterinary attention, and none of them had access to drinking water.

Additionally, three snakes were found hidden in plastic containers in the shed, also without access to water.

The shed itself was a hazardous environment, filled with dangerous tools and open paint containers.

Legal Consequences

Eagle Encounters now faces further criminal charges under the Animals Protection Act of 1962 due to their inadequate animal care and hazardous conditions.

A complaint will also be lodged with CapeNature, the permitting authority.

SPCA’s Commitment

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA expressed its commitment to ensuring the welfare of animals and emphasized that it will not tolerate any obstructions in the execution of its inspectors’ duties.

They are resolute in their dedication to protecting animals from harm and neglect.

The SPCA’s inspection of Eagle Encounters at Spier has shed light on critical animal welfare issues, prompting legal actions to address the situation and ensure the well-being of the animals in question.