Good Morning Britain’s Charlotte Hawkins Speaks Out on Alarming Dog Attacks

Good Morning Britain’s Charlotte Hawkins Speaks Out on Alarming Dog Attacks

Charlotte Hawkins’ Shocking Encounter: Urgent Call to Address Dog Attacks


In a distressing incident that highlights the urgent need for addressing the growing problem of dog attacks, Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins has opened up about a deeply unsettling experience.

Witnessing her friend’s daughter being attacked by a dog left her shaken to the core.

This incident sheds light on the pressing issue of dog attacks, prompting Hawkins to lead an investigation into the matter through an upcoming ITV programme.

An Unexpected Trauma


Walking alongside her own child and an eight-year-old girl, Hawkins found herself in a horrifying situation as an unleashed dog emerged from a nearby garden.

The dog’s sudden aggression led to the child being knocked down and bitten.

This shocking incident unfolded despite Hawkins’ reassurances to the child that the barking dogs would not pose a threat.

Shaken to the Core

The trauma of witnessing her friend’s daughter being attacked deeply impacted Hawkins.


She expressed the profound impact of the experience, stating, “The experience shook me deeply.”

The incident served as a stark reminder of the swift and unforeseeable nature of such attacks.

It also underscored the importance of raising awareness about the potential dangers of dogs’ unpredictable behavior.

The Vulnerability of the Moment

Hawkins recounted feeling particularly vulnerable during the attack, as she was carrying her own child and unable to intervene effectively.


The incident left her with a heightened awareness of the dangers that can emerge unexpectedly.

She emphasized that the incident had changed her perspective and made her more vigilant about potential risks associated with dogs.

A Call to Action

In response to the alarming increase in dog attacks, Charlotte Hawkins will spearhead an ITV programme titled Dangerous Dogs: What’s The Truth? The program seeks to delve into the concerning trend of dog attacks and their potentially fatal consequences.

Last year recorded record numbers of fatalities stemming from dog attack injuries, indicating the severity of the issue.


The Ongoing Concern

The problem of dog attacks is not limited to specific scenarios.

Earlier this month, Royal Mail reported a surge in dog attacks on postal workers, with nearly 2,000 incidents reported in 2022.

This underscores the broader scope of the issue and the need for comprehensive solutions to ensure the safety of individuals.



Charlotte Hawkins’ harrowing experience serves as a wakeup call to the increasing threat of dog attacks.

Her commitment to shedding light on this issue through her upcoming ITV programme is a commendable step towards raising awareness and finding solutions.

The incident, along with the rising statistics of such attacks, emphasizes the need for collective efforts to address this pressing concern for the safety and well-being of communities.


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