Reality Star Phyna Reignites Feud with Neo Akpofure, Labels Him a ‘Brostitute’

Phyna’s Continued Feud on Snapchat

Phyna, known for her reality TV success and a previous winner of Big Brother Nigeria, continued her public feud with Neo Akpofure, another reality star.

Using Snapchat as her platform, she intensified the dispute by expressing her feelings about potentially giving birth to a man dependent on women for support, branding Neo as a “prostitute” and expressing her disdain with a series of laughing emojis.

Snapchat Confrontation and Labeling Neo

Her Snapchat posts captured her sentiments, particularly regarding her aversion to the idea of birthing a man reliant on women’s support, describing Neo as a “brostitute.” The use of emojis emphasized her disgust at the situation.

Roots of the Conflict

This ongoing conflict stemmed from a podcast appearance Phyna made with Pere Egbi, where she discussed her discord with Neo. Phyna recounted an incident from their time on a reality show where Neo expressed displeasure with her language, citing it as “razz” (meaning unsophisticated).

Neo disliked a slang she frequently used, considering it associated with a “razz” individual.

Defense and Judgment

Phyna defended herself by suggesting that Neo, considering his own background and challenges, shouldn’t be quick to judge her or her language. She highlighted Neo’s own humble roots, implying that he should empathize before casting such judgments.

This latest clash follows a history of tension between the two reality stars, further escalating their ongoing feud.

The feud, fueled by their differing perceptions and judgments, continues to play out in the public eye, creating ongoing discussions and debates on social media platforms.

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