Gino Sorbillo, the renowned pizza chef from Naples, surprises purists by introducing PINEAPPLE toppings for the first time. He goes a step further by recording himself as he breaks this Italian taboo.

Gino Sorbillo: Pioneer or Provocateur?

Renowned as one of Naples’ foremost pizza artisans, Gino Sorbillo has made waves within the traditionalist pizza community by introducing pineapple toppings to his iconic Neapolitan pizzas.

This bold departure from convention has sparked a fervent global debate among pizza aficionados, with opinions divided sharply between adoration and disdain for this unconventional twist.

Mr. Sorbillo, revered as Naples’ preeminent pizza craftsman, unveiled this controversial addition through a social media video, proudly displaying the fruit-adorned creation that is now a fixture on his restaurant menus.

In a moment captured on camera, he took a bite and, with a surprising nod of approval, remarked, “It’s good,” urging patrons to embrace experimentation while honoring tradition.

The Sorbillo Legacy: Anchored in Tradition

Belonging to one of Naples’ most esteemed pizza dynasties, Gino Sorbillo traces his culinary heritage back to his grandparents, Luigi Sorbillo and Carolina Esposito, pioneers who established the inaugural pizzeria in 1935 along Via dei Tribunali.

This historic street, often hailed as the epicenter of Neapolitan pizza, serves as a testament to the Sorbillo family’s enduring legacy.

While some of Gino Sorbillo’s establishments proudly bear his name, others, such as Zia Esterina or Olio a Crudo, showcase distinct identities while upholding the family’s culinary excellence.

Anchored in Naples but constantly on the move, Gino Sorbillo diligently oversees his array of restaurants, gracing television screens and culinary events with his expertise and passion.

Pineapple on Pizza: A Contested Culinary Frontier

As Sorbillo confidently strides into uncharted culinary territory, the controversy surrounding pineapple on pizza persists unabated, serving as fodder for impassioned discussions across social media platforms.

Opinions range from vehement aversion to enthusiastic embrace, exemplified by divergent sentiments expressed online.

While one vehemently decried, “Pineapple on pizza is horrible,” another fervently countered, “I’m actually starting to love pineapples on pizza, I’m so mad.”

The debate rages on, with one individual equating the unconventional topping to the sacrilege of inserting banana into spaghetti, encapsulating the intensity of emotions stirred by this gastronomic divergence.

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