German Passenger Coughs Up ‘Litres of Blood’ and Dies on Lufthansa Flight from Bangkok to Munich, Prompting Criticism of Airline Response

In a harrowing mid-flight incident, passengers on a Lufthansa flight from Bangkok to Munich were left in shock and trauma when a 63-year-old German man suddenly started coughing up ‘litres of blood’ before collapsing and dying.

The incident unfolded as the man, accompanied by his Filipina wife, exhibited signs of illness before boarding the Airbus A380 aircraft, triggering a sequence of events that would deeply disturb fellow passengers.

Distressing Unfolding of Events:

The deteriorating health of the German traveler became evident as the plane ascended, with witnesses describing how he began spitting blood into a bag.

Despite passengers’ attempts to assist by offering tea and monitoring his pulse, the situation escalated rapidly. A ‘gush of blood’ from the man’s mouth and nose covered the cabin walls, prompting horrified screams from fellow travelers.

Flight attendants, performing resuscitation attempts for about half an hour, tragically realized the man could not be saved.

Cabin Chaos and Unsettling Aftermath:

After the eruption of blood, the man was moved to the galley, and the flight was forced to return to Bangkok.

The captain announced the onboard death over the loudspeaker, leaving the cabin in stunned silence.

Witnesses describe the traumatic scene, emphasizing the amateurish attempts at resuscitation and the profound impact it had on everyone present.

One passenger, Martin Missfelder, expressed regret and self-blame for not doing more when the plane was still on the ground.

Lack of Proper Guidance and Criticism of Airline Response:

Upon returning to Bangkok Airport, passengers were reportedly left without guidance for two hours, compounding the distress of approximately 30 traumatized individuals.

The deceased man’s wife, rebooked on another flight via Hong Kong, had to navigate customs alone, adding to the emotional turmoil.

Criticism mounted as passengers claimed they were offered a meager 10-franc voucher (£9.06), and there are calls for a formal apology from Lufthansa to the affected passengers and the deceased man’s wife.

Similar Incidents Raise Concerns:

This tragic incident echoes a somber event in January 2024, where a passenger was found dead in a plane toilet during a flight from Tenerife to Manchester.

The situation prompted a diversion to Cork in Ireland, and Jet2 expressed condolences to the family while commending the crew’s efforts.

These incidents raise questions about in-flight medical emergencies, the adequacy of airline responses, and the support provided to affected passengers during and after traumatic events.


As investigations into the circumstances surrounding the German man’s mid-flight death unfold, the incident highlights the critical need for airlines to reassess their protocols for handling in-flight medical emergencies and providing appropriate support to passengers affected by such distressing events.

The aftermath of this tragic incident emphasizes the importance of compassion, proper communication, and comprehensive assistance in ensuring the well-being of passengers and addressing the emotional toll of unexpected onboard events.

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