German Dean Michael leaps onto roof of double-decker London bus to catch a free ride

Thrill-Seeker’s Risky Leap

In a jaw-dropping moment captured on a GoPro Hero 11 action camera, 18-year-old Dean Michael from Germany leapt onto the roof of a double-decker London bus, skillfully navigating tree branches to catch a free ride. The audacious stunt, which earned Dean the label of an ‘idiot,’ unfolded without the bus driver’s awareness as he seemingly jumped onto the bus’s top from a 9ft high bus stop.

Parkour Advice Leads to Bold Move

Dean claimed to have received advice from a friend on executing this parkour-inspired journey. Unfazed by the risky endeavor, he shared, “I’m not often in London, and that’s why I decided to do it then.” Expressing initial paranoia about being observed, he noted, “Before the ride, I’m always a little paranoid and feel like someone is watching me, but it was actually not a problem this time.”

Heart-Pounding Moments

Once atop the moving bus, Dean described the mix of emotions, stating, “The moment when I jumped on, I was only thinking about if they heard or saw me.” As the bus started moving, he experienced a shift, saying, “Once I was up there on the driving bus, my heart rate went down again. While the bus was driving, I then was able to properly relax and tried to enjoy it.”

Mixed Reactions and Inspirations

Dean, highlighting the ‘greatest achievement’ as the ability to re-watch the daring feat, expressed joy in sharing the content on social media. Despite receiving admiration and inspiration messages, he acknowledged the flip side, sharing, “There are also some other opinions, with people making death threats against me and my family or calling me an idiot, and so on. But I don’t let these comments affect me.”

Cautionary Message

Dean emphasized that his videos aren’t meant to encourage risky behavior. He urged individuals to focus on their own paths, stating, “Don’t think you have to be doing what everyone does, think about what fulfills you the most and let it control you.

While Dean’s audacious stunt garnered attention, it also sparked debates on the fine line between daring feats and responsible actions in public spaces.

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