The Crown approaches final season, capturing events of 1997, calling mixed emotions for many viewers

The Crown’s Final Season: A Painful Revisit to Princess Diana’s Tragedy

As the highly acclaimed Netflix series, The Crown, approaches its sixth and final season, capturing the events of 1997, it elicits mixed emotions for many viewers.

Despite my deep appreciation for the show’s historical narrative, impeccable casting, and Peter Morgan’s audacious storytelling, a personal reluctance now prevents me from watching the concluding chapter.

Fondness Turns to Avoidance: Reliving Diana’s Tragedy

The show’s ability to seamlessly navigate royal history, with standout performances like Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret and Matt Smith as Prince Philip, has been a source of fascination. Yet, on the eve of the concluding season, a shadow looms – the retelling of Princess Diana’s death. While creator Peter Morgan states that the fatal car crash won’t be depicted, the days leading up to and following the tragedy remain haunting, making it challenging for me to revisit.

A Journalist’s Perspective: Navigating a Tragic Week

Reflecting on my role as a journalist during that fateful week in 1997, the newsroom’s usual bustling energy gave way to an unprecedented silence. The death of an icon demanded careful consideration, selecting an image to encapsulate the loss and attempting to convey the magnitude of the event through mere words on paper. The dissonance between Diana’s luminosity and the prosaic nature of her demise lingered, leaving a profound impact on both the media narrative and public sentiment.

Unresolved Sadness: Lingering Effects on Diana’s Legacy

Despite the passage of 26 years, the profound sadness stemming from Diana’s tragic death persists. This enduring sorrow is palpable in the tributes woven into the lives of her grandchildren and evident in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace. The tragic chasm between her sons, notably Prince Harry’s deep grief and mistrust, speaks to the lasting impact of the tragedy on the royal family.

Harry’s Unsettled Journey: A Broken Man

Prince Harry, now approaching 40, mirrors his mother’s age at the time of her death. His forthcoming memoir, “Spare,” reveals a man grappling with anger and profound loss. The lingering effects of Diana’s death are evident in the unresolved grief that pervades Harry’s narrative, raising questions about the possibility of finding peace.

The Unfinished Narrative: Diana’s Puzzling Final Month

The enigma of Diana’s final month adds another layer of complexity. Her desire for reinvention, juxtaposed with the evident discontent in her life, paints a picture of a woman caught between conflicting aspirations. Dominic West, portraying Prince Charles in The Crown, aptly describes the upcoming season as “the biggest thing that any of us have ever seen,” emphasizing the enduring impact of Diana’s story.

In conclusion, despite the show’s artistic brilliance and historical narrative, the painful specter of Diana’s tragic end makes it challenging for me, and likely many others, to revisit this poignant chapter in The Crown’s final season.

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