Gauteng crime: Man in court after ‘slitting throat’ of 8-year-old girl

Gauteng crime: Man in court after ‘slitting throat’ of 8-year-old girl

We have some horrific crimes in South Africa. But this Gauteng crime story is a particularly gruesome one. Thankfully, the child who was attacked is still alive. That’s after a man who was dating her mother, slit her throat at her home in Mamelodi. The National Prosecuting Authority is now hoping to deliver speedy justice. It also seems this nightmare

Last week, the couple involved were at a funeral and got into an argument. Things took a sickening turn from there.

“The following day while the mother of the minor had gone to a nearby car wash, the accused went to a house where she stayed to try and work things out. When he arrived, he found the minor with her grandmother. It is alleged that the accused took a butcher knife he found in the kitchen and slit the throat of the minor.

The man and the mother of the minor are in a relationship.”

NPA Spokesperson Lumka Mahanjana

Child still in ICU

The mother of the child heard screams from her own mother, and quickly rushed home. Once there, the child was rushed to the hospital. She remains in the intensive care unit.

The accused did not put up a fight and later handed himself over to the Hammanskraal Police Station. He will face a formal bail application on the 5th of May