Gardening Expert Reveals Chemical-Free Method to Kill Weeds

Gardening Expert’s Natural Weed Removal Trick

Carolina Mccauley, known for her “home hacks and tricks” on social media, has shared a clever method to remove weeds without the use of chemicals.

Boiling Water vs. Weeds

In a video posted on TikTok, Carolina demonstrated her natural weed-killing technique.

She used boiling water to tackle the pesky plants that had cropped up between the gravel in her garden.

The Chemical-Free Solution

Carolina advised viewers, “Use boiling water to eradicate weeds,” emphasizing the simplicity of her approach.

She poured the hot water over the weeds, effectively splashing them without the need for any harmful chemicals.

Impressive Results

The results were visible as the weeds appeared to have dried out completely and were dead, making them easy to remove.

Community Feedback

Carolina’s video garnered attention from viewers, sparking a discussion on the effectiveness of her method.

Weeds Grow Back Debate

While some argued that the weeds might grow back after using boiling water, others shared their own experiences with alternative methods like salt and white vinegar.

Supporters of the Technique

Many users supported Carolina’s method, citing their own success stories with hot water weed removal. Some mentioned that they had been using this technique for years, emphasizing its effectiveness.

Expert Insight

According to, boiling water can indeed be an effective method for eradicating weeds, especially weedlings. The scalding effect is detrimental to the weeds.

Caution in Application

However, it’s essential to exercise caution when using boiling water, especially near other plants you want to preserve, as it can inadvertently harm them.

The article recommends pouring slowly and generously but not wasting the hot water, as there may be more weeds to tackle.

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