Gagan Arora, CEO and Founder Vertex Group, Once Again Bags Top 100 by Great Manager Institute and Forbes India


Gagan Arora (Founder and CEO of Vertex Group) has been awarded with the Great People Managers of 2021, by Great Manager Institute in association with Forbes India, second time in a row.

Founder and CEO of Vertex GroupThe Great Manager Institute and Forbes analyze CEOs of leading players and first-time managers in a series of four-layered evaluation processes and issue a list of the greatest managers throughout the world every year.

This year, almost 4000 companies took part in the Great People Manager Study 2021, and evaluated over 10,000 leaders.

The top 100 managers were declared and honored with the Great People Managers presented by the Great Manager Institute, in addition to being listed to the prestigious “Forbes List”.

“This is the second year Mr.

Gagan Arora gets this honor, demonstrating consistency in his greatness.

He is a living example of someone building great businesses by being a great leader of the people.

On behalf of the team of Great Manager Institute, I wish him more business success in the future, so that he keeps on showing the true power of people leadership,” said Ashwin Srivastava, Co-founder of Great Manager Institute, about Mr.

Aroras inclusion in this highly awaited list.

“Leaders are only as successful as their teams, and the great ones know that with the right team dynamics, decisions and diverse personalities, every business wins.

I am honored to lead a team of Unstoppables, who are dedicated to working together as One Team, One Dream.

For the second time, I am delighted to be recognized by Great Manager Institute and Forbes India; my journey from a torchbearer to an entrepreneur to a leader has been incredible, and accolades like these truly inspire me and my team to emerge as the future of tomorrow, bringing a change to the world through our unstoppable innovation,” Mr.

Gagan Arora, Founder and CEO, expressed his gratitude for the distinction.


Gagan Arora, the five times winner of the ‘The Best CEO Award’, now has been recognized in Forbes 100 Top Influencers for the second time in a row.


Arora is committed to teamwork, empowering employees, preserving the trust of shareholders, and engaging with stakeholders, which has resulted in a 75 percent increase in employee base and a 30 percent increase in customer base last year.

Founded in 2016 and Headquartered in Times Square, New York, Vertex Group is ranked 19th amongst the Top 50 Innovative Companies worldwide and was named as ‘Best Place to Work In India’ by the Best Place to Work Institute for its best practices with ESAT at 94% and Global Score 92%.

The pioneer in human experience and service delivery has been named as Best MSME 2021, Top 10 Fastest Growing BPO Companies in India, Company of the Year 2021, by Prime Insights, and “Asia’s Greatest Brand” by AsiaOne in collaboration with CNBC and the Economic Times for the second time in a row.

With a diverse portfolio of critical functions, Vertex Group serves as a Business Optimization Partner, assisting businesses in optimizing their operations.

Vertex Group provides Managed Services, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Performance Marketing, and an E-Learning platform (Vertex Digital Academy).

With more than five years of industry success, they have expanded further into the Middle East and Africa, leaving global footprints with the verticals “Vertex Next” and “Vertex Cosmos”, which include events & conferences, digital performance, revenue and retail mapping services, along with several cloud-tech enabled cross-platform services.


Aroras keen entrepreneurial acumen has allowed him to grow his global reach to include United States, United Kingdom, India, Philippines, Nepal, Middle East and Africa.

Vertex Group has recently emerged as a language hub, supporting 30 different international languages and employing people from ten different nations.

Through reform, expansion, and creating new opportunities, Mr.

Arora hopes to increase the workforce strength to 4000+ individuals by 2022.

Vertex Group has been acknowledged as a single window end-to-end execution expert for the full range of digital services and human resource augmentation needs; because of fruitful alliances with nation-building stakeholders, central and state government collaborations, investors, and clients across the industry continuum.

Vertex Group is committed to working in a gender-neutral environment to develop innovative ideas with a practical approach to assist Fortune 500 companies and large enterprises worldwide.

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