Labour Accused of ‘Undemocratic Authoritarianism’ as Tottenham Tories’ Debate with Kellie-Jay Keen Cancelled

Labour Accused of ‘Undemocratic Authoritarianism’ as Tottenham Tories’ Debate with Kellie-Jay Keen Cancelled

The Tottenham Conservative Association faced a setback as their planned debate, “The Future of British Politics,” was abruptly cancelled by the Clissold Arms pub in Muswell Hill, north London.

The cancellation, prompted by complaints from the Hornsey and Friern Barnet Constituency Labour Party executive committee, has sparked accusations of undemocratic behavior.

Labour’s Pressure and Allegations

Labour is now under scrutiny, labeled as “undemocratic authoritarians,” as their complaints to the venue forced the cancellation of the Conservative-led debate.

The letter from the Hornsey and Friern Barnet Constituency Labour Party accused gender-critical campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen, also known as Posie Parker, of holding “extremely transphobic views” and creating a “dangerous and hostile environment for local trans people.”

Political Lineup and Speaker Perspectives

The debate, initially organized by the Tottenham Conservative Association, aimed to discuss “The Future of British Politics” with representatives from various political parties.

Speakers included local Tory chairman Elliot Hammer, Kellie-Jay Keen, ex-Lib Dem Lembit Opik, and SDP mayoral hopeful Amy Gallagher.

The cancellation not only disappointed attendees but also raised concerns about the suppression of diverse political perspectives.

Keen’s Response and Criticism

Kellie-Jay Keen criticized the Labour Party’s actions, questioning their fear of a woman expressing views on gender and transgender issues.

Keen emphasized the importance of preserving freedom of speech and challenged the accusations of transphobia, asserting her right to voice concerns about the impact of transitioning on children.

She also noted the challenges faced by her events due to opposition from some activists.

Impact and Organizers’ Perspective

The cancellation drew condemnation from various quarters, with campaigner Maya Forstater and organizer Elliot Hammer expressing their dismay.

Hammer labeled the move as “deeply undemocratic” and alarming, particularly in a general election year.

Refunding all tickets to disappointed attendees, Hammer criticized Labour’s interference in debates featuring representatives from different political parties.

SDP Candidate’s Perspective

Social Democratic Party candidate for the London mayoralty, Amy Gallagher, expressed disappointment at the cancellation, highlighting the intended discussion on the trans issue and women’s rights.

She criticized the notion of danger posed by a political debate and blamed cancel culture for stifling diverse political views.

Awaiting Responses

The Clissold Arms and the Labour Party have been approached for comments on the controversy, with the debate cancellation raising broader questions about the democratic principles of allowing diverse political discussions to take place.