Archdiocese Initiates Canonization Process for Sister Cecilia María de la Santa Faz, Encourages Faithful to Contribute to Her Saintly Reputation

The Archdiocese of Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz has officially commenced the canonization process for Sister Cecilia María de la Santa Faz, inviting the faithful to actively participate in this significant undertaking.

Call for Information

As part of the canonization process, the archdiocese has issued a call urging the faithful to share any information that could shed light on elements, both favorable and contrary, to Sister Cecilia’s reputation of sanctity.

This can be done by emailing or sending information via postal mail to the Archdiocese of Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz at Av. Gral. López 2720, Santa Fe, Argentina.

Submission of Writings

In addition to information, the archdiocese specifically requests individuals possessing any writings by Sister Cecilia to submit them promptly.

This proactive approach aims to gather comprehensive insights into her life, virtues, and contributions to the spiritual community.

Publication and Awareness

The edict announcing this canonical inquiry will be published for three months in key locations, including the Santa Fe cathedral, the St. Joseph and St.

Teresa Carmelite monastery, and various archdiocesan basilicas and shrines. Furthermore, it will be disseminated through official media channels of the archdiocese and in any place associated with Sister Cecilia.

Who Was Sister Cecilia of the Holy Face?

Sister Cecilia María de la Santa Faz, formerly known as Cecilia María Sánchez Sorondo, was born on December 5, 1973, in San Martín de los Andes in Neuquén province, Argentina.

Her journey led her to the Discalced Carmelites monastery in Santa Fe, where she embraced the name Cecilia María of the Holy Face.

Remembering Sister Cecilia

Described as outgoing, spontaneous, and joyful, Sister Cecilia embodied a life dedicated to friendship with Christ and love for others.

Her activities included prayer, a commitment to the contemplative life, playing the violin, and being recognized for her enduring sweetness and constant smile.

The canonization process seeks to capture the essence of her sanctified life, encouraging the faithful to contribute to this spiritual journey.

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