US Intelligence Affiliate Flees UK After Car Crash, Ignites Extradition Debate

Anger Grows as US Citizen Linked to Intelligence Services Evades UK Court After Car Crash

Anger and concern escalate as Isaac Calderon, a 22-year-old American believed to be associated with US intelligence services, fails to appear in a UK court following a car crash that left nurse Elizabeth Donowho seriously injured.

The incident raises questions about extradition and draws parallels with previous cases involving US citizens.

The Car Crash and Escape:

Isaac Calderon faces charges of causing serious injury by dangerous driving after a collision on the A4103 in Herefordshire on July 31.

Elizabeth Donowho, the victim, suffered a fractured sternum and two broken ankles, leaving her unable to walk for six weeks. Despite being due in court on December 1, Calderon reportedly boarded a commercial flight to Texas, prompting discussions about his potential extradition.

Comparisons with Previous Cases:

The situation draws comparisons with the case of Anne Sacoolas, a US citizen involved in the death of Harry Dunn, who left the UK under diplomatic immunity. While diplomatic immunity is not at issue in Calderon’s case, concerns mount about his departure and the potential implications for justice.

International Pressure and Extradition Consideration:

The UK government faces mounting pressure to decide whether to request Calderon’s extradition. Elizabeth Donowho expresses her dismay, emphasizing the need for accountability. The case is further complicated by Calderon’s reported association with the secret services.

Support for Victim and Legal Actions:

Radd Seiger, previously involved with Harry Dunn’s case, supports Elizabeth Donowho, labeling Calderon a “fugitive on the run.”

West Mercia Police reveal that Calderon was engaged in work associated with the secret service and matters falling under the Official Secrets Act before the crash. The extradition process is initiated, with Calderon leaving the country on November 25.

Victim’s Perspective and Injuries:

Elizabeth Donowho, who suffered significant injuries in the crash, expresses doubts about ever seeing Calderon again.

Her injuries include a fractured sternum, two broken ankles, and a broken bone in her hand. The suspect’s occupation, initially identified as an American soldier, has raised additional concerns.

Police Response and Extradition Preparation:

West Mercia Police confirm the warrant for Calderon’s arrest, emphasizing engagement with his solicitor and extradition preparation.

Despite receiving assurances from Calderon’s employer that he would not leave the country, he managed to depart, leaving authorities to explore legal avenues for his return.

International Involvement and Diplomatic Silence:

The US Embassy refrains from commenting on private US citizens’ law enforcement matters, emphasizing close coordination between the US and UK on such issues.

The Home Office neither confirms nor denies an extradition request, citing longstanding policy. The situation awaits further developments as the legal process unfolds.