Brave Escape: Teenager Allegedly Kidnapped in Verulam CBD Seeks Help and Flees Captor

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media. A 19-year-old teenager in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal, reportedly managed to escape from her alleged kidnapper after being taken outside a fast food outlet on Ireland Street.


The incident occurred on the night of July 3, and the brave teenager sought assistance from a member of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) to ensure her safety.

Kidnapping Ordeal and Escape:

According to RUSA spokesperson Prem Balram, the teenager approached a RUSA member on Hilltop Drive near the Trenance Park entrance, recounting her harrowing experience.

She had taken a taxi from her residence in Hazelmere around 10:00 PM to buy food for her family.


Realizing she didn’t have enough money, she decided to leave the store.

As she walked away, a man tried to engage her in conversation, but she ignored him.

Kidnapping and Escape Details:

The teenager revealed that while walking on Ireland Street, the man approached her in an unknown vehicle and forcibly pushed her inside.

He drove her to a residence near Trenance Park, where he bound her feet with rope and removed her shirt.

However, she managed to free herself and escape when the kidnapper momentarily left the room.


Half-naked and desperate, she encountered a nearby man who provided her with a t-shirt and directed her to a RUSA member in the area.

Limited Information on Suspect:

Although the teenager was unable to provide specific details about the suspect’s residence or his vehicle, she courageously shared her ordeal with the authorities.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and law enforcement agencies are working to gather additional information to apprehend the perpetrator.


The escape of the 19-year-old teenager from her alleged kidnapper has brought attention to the issue of safety and security in Verulam.

It serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and the need for swift action to protect individuals from such crimes.


Authorities are determined to identify and apprehend the suspect, ensuring justice for the victim and reinforcing the commitment to maintaining a safe community.

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