Furious Commuters Clash with Climate Activists Blocking Roads During Rush Hour in Washington DC

Furious Commuters Clash with Climate Activists Blocking Roads During Rush Hour in Washington DC


New footage has emerged depicting a confrontation between irate commuters and climate activists who were obstructing traffic during rush hour in Washington DC.

The incident, which occurred on a Saturday morning, saw several enraged individuals leaving their cars to confront members of the anti-fossil fuel group Declare Emergency, who had positioned themselves on the busy road.

Amid the commotion, one man was captured on camera expressing his frustration, declaring, “I want to work, I want to go to work,” as he forcefully removed banners from the activists’ grasp.

A woman’s voice could also be heard berating the protestors, exclaiming, “You don’t give a f***, get the f*** out of here! We have to go to f***ing work… We got kids to feed, b—h.”

Shortly after this heated exchange, local law enforcement arrived at the scene and took action by arresting the activists for contempt of court.


This move was met with approval from drivers who had been affected by the traffic disruption.

Unlike the usual three warnings that protestors receive before being arrested, the DC police provided only one warning, with an officer explicitly stating, “You’re not getting three warnings.”

The protest group, Declare Emergency, took to Twitter on Monday to reflect on their actions, characterizing them as a means to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and continue his tradition of nonviolent civil disobedience.

The group’s website emphasizes the significance of getting arrested as a strategy for change, framing it as a tactic used by historical nonviolent movements to demand systemic transformations from governments.

As of now, there has been no official statement from Declare Emergency regarding the protest.


This incident coincided with another clash between law enforcement and climate activists at the roadblock to the Burning Man festival in Nevada.

In this case, demonstrators from groups Seven Circles and Extinction Rebellion obstructed the road with a trailer and chained themselves to it.

The resulting gridlock prompted law enforcement to forcibly clear the blockade and arrest the protestors.

Amid the tensions, a dialogue unfolded between the activists and drivers, with debates about public property, the right to protest, and the role of civil disobedience in societal change.

The activists’ banners displayed messages advocating for the ban of private jets and the abolition of capitalism.


The confrontation also brought to light concerns of potential violence, as a call was reportedly made to law enforcement about a potential threat to the activists.

In conclusion, this recent clash between furious commuters and climate activists in Washington DC highlighted the ongoing tensions surrounding protests aimed at climate change and environmental issues.

The incident underscored the complexities of balancing the right to protest with the need to maintain public order and safety.

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