Fuel Subsidy Removal Sparks Widespread Hardship and Frustration Among Nigerians

Fuel Subsidy Removal Sparks Widespread Hardship and Frustration Among Nigerians

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. A staunch supporter of Nigeria’s president, Bola Tinubu of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Sir Kie Kie, shares his deep concern and dissatisfaction regarding the hardships inflicted on his family and average Nigerians across the country due to the removal of fuel subsidy.


This move has significantly affected the social and economic aspects of the lives of ordinary citizens, forcing them to endure unprecedented hardships and make difficult sacrifices.

The Announcement and Unfolding Realities

In his inaugural speech, President Tinubu proclaimed the removal of fuel subsidy on Monday, May 29, which immediately brought about a new set of realities for Nigerians.

The removal of this subsidy has had a profound impact on the daily lives of the citizens, creating an atmosphere of increased challenges and struggles.


Disillusionment and Expectations

Expressing his bitter disappointment, Kie Kie highlights the disillusionment felt by himself and many other supporters of the current president.

They had campaigned fervently, even risking their lives, with the belief that the president understood the plight of the masses and would alleviate the pain caused by the previous administration.

However, Kie Kie expresses his disappointment over the silence observed by Tinubu since the subsidy removal, suggesting that the government could have delayed the decision until the end of July.

The Burden on the Average Nigerian

Kie Kie explains that the removal of the subsidy has led to an alarming increase in the cost of living, making it exceedingly difficult for his friends and family to afford even a basic meal.

The prices of essential commodities have skyrocketed, imposing a heavy burden on the average Nigerian.


Determination to Seek Resolution

In the face of these challenges, Kie Kie asserts his unwavering commitment to voicing his anger and frustration about the hardships and hunger experienced by the Nigerian people.

He emphasizes that he and others will not relent until meaningful action is taken to alleviate the impact of the subsidy removal on ordinary citizens.

Plea for Action

In a passionate video statement, Kie Kie appeals directly to President Tinubu, reminding him of the faith placed in him as a champion for the masses.

He contrasts Tinubu with Peter Obi, accusing the latter of being a pretender.

Kie Kie reveals that people are suffering, unable to afford basic necessities or move freely due to their support for the president.


He concludes by affirming their unwavering determination, vowing to continue the fight until tangible steps are taken to address the plight of the Nigerian people.

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