From PhD to Global Impact – OWSD Fellowship Cultivates Leadership and Research Excellence in Developing Nations

From PhD to Global Impact – OWSD Fellowship Cultivates Leadership and Research Excellence in Developing Nations

The OWSD Early Career Fellowship is a prestigious award designed to support women who have completed their PhDs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields and are employed at academic or scientific research institutes in Science and Technology Lagging Countries (STLCs).

This fellowship aims to foster leadership, international collaboration, and impactful research projects among women scientists.

Objectives and Support:

Recipients of the fellowship are encouraged to establish conducive research environments at their institutions, maintain international research standards, and attract global scholars for collaboration.

Over the two-year duration of the fellowship, fellows enhance their leadership and management skills, forge partnerships with public and private sectors, and improve communication abilities to effectively present their research to diverse audiences.

Network Building and Mentorship:

By nurturing a community of outstanding women scientists, OWSD aims to create a network of mentors and role models for future generations of women leaders in STEM.

Through mentorship and collaboration, fellows contribute to the advancement of science and inspire others to pursue careers in STEM fields.

The emphasis on network building underscores the long-term impact of the fellowship in fostering mentorship and empowering women in STEM.

Fellowship Details:

The OWSD Early Career Fellowship spans two years and offers funding of up to USD $50,000.

Notably, the fellowship does not cover the fellow’s salary, which must be secured by their employing institution.

Eligibility criteria include residency in an STLC for at least five years, citizenship of any country, employment at a research institute in an STLC, and a PhD in a STEM field awarded within the past ten years.

Application Process:

Applicants must submit various documents, including proof of residency, PhD certificate, proof of employment, curriculum vitae, list of publications, reference letters, a supporting statement from the institution, and a budget file outlining project costs.

The deadline for applications is March 14, 2024.

The application process is delineated, ensuring clarity for prospective applicants and facilitating their submission of required materials.


In conclusion, the OWSD Early Career Fellowship plays a pivotal role in empowering women scientists in STLCs, enabling them to undertake impactful research and contribute to global scientific advancements.

Through mentorship, networking, and financial support, OWSD cultivates a diverse and inclusive STEM community, driving innovation and progress worldwide.