Frances Tiafoe vows to inspire more young kids of color at the US Open this year – as he bids to become the first American to win a major since Andy Roddick in 2003

Frances Tiafoe is determined to continue inspiring young children of color as he readies himself for another shot at victory in the US Open. He expresses his belief that success is measured by the positive impact one has on others, referencing his own journey from the son of immigrants to a top-ranked tennis player. Tiafoe, now ranked within the top 10 globally, shares his pride in being a role model, particularly for youngsters who look up to him and feel motivated to pursue tennis due to his influence.

Tiafoe recounts heartwarming interactions with kids who approach him, expressing their admiration and desire to follow in his footsteps. He recognizes the significance of his position as a source of inspiration for these young enthusiasts and embraces the responsibility that comes with it. Reflecting on his journey, Tiafoe acknowledges that his success has the power to encourage more kids to take up the sport and enjoy it.

Having made history by becoming the first black US man to reach a US Open semifinal since Arthur Ashe in 1972, Tiafoe understands the importance of his representation within the sport. He discusses the impact his achievements have had on the country and the positive reception he received during his notable run. While acknowledging the dominance of the “big three” (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic) in recent years, he remains optimistic about the state of American tennis and its potential for future victories.

Tiafoe emphasizes the growing strength of American tennis, with multiple seeded players in the men’s draw for the first time in years. He expresses hope that one of them will eventually break the drought and win a major tournament, ideally the US Open, which he views as an exceptional event with a vibrant atmosphere.

Reflecting on his recent performance at Wimbledon, where he faced a disappointing defeat, Tiafoe shares lessons learned about managing the pressure of significant moments. He advocates for staying true to oneself, enjoying the game, and maintaining a relaxed attitude regardless of the outcome. As he gears up for the US Open, he appreciates the lively and passionate crowd that adds to the unique atmosphere of the tournament.

In essence, Frances Tiafoe is determined to be a source of inspiration for young people of color in the world of tennis, using his own journey and achievements to encourage their participation and success. He embraces his role as a role model and hopes to make a positive impact on the sport and its future.