Former Tavistock Trust Doctor Warns of Risks in Unchallenged Trans and Gender Theory

According to a former Tavistock Trust physician, if trans and gender theory is allowed to flourish unchecked, Britain may end up as a country of medically castrated infants.

Author of the book Detrans: When Transition Is Not The Solution, which was released this month, Dr. Az Hakeem spent twelve years working at the Tavistock and Portman Foundation Trust.

He told MailOnline that society is in a “awful situation” when it comes to trans persons, and it’s much worse for those who decide they wish to go back to their biological sex.

He is currently a consultant psychiatrist on Harley Street.

These individuals are referred to as detransitioners, or detrans.

The number of transgender people who detransition from one sex to another is unknown.

Trans activists frequently assert that it is 1%, but according to Dr. Hakeem, this is “made up.”

Since sex modifications are “the only medical or surgical intervention for which there is no follow-up data collected or follow-up studies,” he continued, the truth is that no one knows.

Of his patients at the Tavistock and Portman, 26% regretted their transition, he claimed.

‘They are stuck in this condition of being adults with no genitals who the services don’t want to see and the trans community disowns,’ stated Dr. Hakeem.

Although the term “trans” is used by everyone, it is an umbrella term.

Nobody discusses transvestites.

Since calling someone a transvestite is so out of style, they all just refer to them as transgender.

Transvestites make up the bulk of trans people; this is more of a fetish.

“You’re lumping [transexuals] together people who have fetishes – men who get excited about wearing women’s clothes, and then men who fantasise about having a vagina and breasts,” Dr. Hakeem stated in reference to the term “trans.”

“Kids are all identifying as trans or non-binary,” he continued.

It is now a distinct subculture.

As a goth, I was post-punk. The contemporary subculture is not a disease.

They only do it because it’s cool; they’re not truly transgender.

Fortunately, there was no goth identity clinic when I was an adolescent goth.

With puberty blockers, we are chemically castrating kids.

Although we believe it to be a treatment, it is not the answer.

It’s a terrible circumstance.

People in this culture don’t question those who claim to be of a different sex.

Organisations are spreading the myth that people are born with the wrong physical type.

“No one is mismatched from birth.”

Beyond giving detransitioners a voice, Dr. Hakeem believes his book would ‘enable individuals to think outside of this very fixed gender stereotype they are being given’.

He has also tried to debunk stereotypes related to gender identification, like the idea that someone can be born with the wrong physique.”

Another [is] that your child will kill themselves if you don’t affirm their gender—that’s not true,” he stated.

“I’m trans, I’m non-binary” is a common statement made by children, as anyone with children would attest.

Because of their tomboyish nature, a teacher has proposed that they consider themselves transgender.

The system now contains the ideology.

Many people are terrified that their kids may come home and announce that they are transgender.

It is absurd.

A four-year-old has very little knowledge of the world.

There’s a risk that our country will become a castration nation.

According to him, “a mixture of societal pressure and reinforcement by organisations who have been indoctrinated” is to blame for the rise in children identifying as transgender.

According to Dr. Hakeem, it’s quite common for kids to wonder what gender they are.

But many individuals are just agreeing with the youngsters, or ‘supporting’ their decision, without questioning them as to why they think that way.

“There’s a big push for affirmation only,” he stated.

Affirmation is a tool for grooming; it is not therapy.

We castrate them physically and send them off to gender clinics.

Saying “yes you are [trans]” is not enough in proper therapy; the child also needs to be asked how they arrived at that determination.

“People are said to be born with the wrong body.

The existence of hundreds of various genders, he continued, was “nonsense.”

“It isn’t supported by data.

They have taken over universities, the police, and schools.

It resembles members of a cult somewhat.

They accept it.

They are not malevolent, psychopathic individuals.

They were intimidated into accepting his.

You are against them if you are not with them.

You cannot have a debate because of this.

“They try to ruin you, get you fired, and file a complaint with your employer.”

Dr. Hakeem thinks there is a way for common people to counteract the pro-affirmation mindset tide, nonetheless.

He called on people to “return to believing in science, common sense, and reality.”

Instead of just telling their children they are or are not transgender, he suggested parents whose children make such claims to have a conversation with their children about having such views.

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