Former Presidential Aide Commends Davido’s Response to Controversial Video

Former Presidential Aide Commends Davido’s Response to Controversial Video

…By for TDPel Media. Bashir Ahmad, a former aide to former President Muhammadu Buhari, has responded to popular singer and record label head, Davido’s decision to remove a snippet clip from the contentious video of his signee, Logos Olori’s new single “Jaye Lo,” which he shared on Twitter.


The video featured people dancing and praying in front of a mosque, drawing criticism from many who deemed it disrespectful to the Muslim religion.

Controversial Video and Reactions

Davido initially posted the video, which depicted people engaged in prayer and dance near a mosque.

The content of the video led to strong criticism, with many demanding that he take it down and apologize to the Muslim community for what they perceived as disrespect towards their religion.


Despite the grumblings, Davido initially ignored the uproar.

Davido’s Response

In response to the mounting backlash, Davido eventually removed the “offensive” video from his Twitter page over the weekend.

Bashir Ahmad, a politician from Kano and former House of Representatives candidate, acknowledged the action positively, stating that it was encouraging to learn that Davido had taken down the contentious video.

A Call for Understanding and Respect

Bashir Ahmad further urged that not only the snippet clip but also the entire scene be deleted from the actual footage before releasing it to the market.

He humbly requested that such a grave mistake should not be repeated, not only by Davido but by anyone else in the future.


Ahmad emphasized the importance of listening with empathy and understanding with an open heart, respecting each other’s values and beliefs.


The controversy surrounding Davido’s video featuring people dancing and praying in front of a mosque elicited strong reactions from the public, particularly from the Muslim community.

Davido’s decision to remove the snippet clip and Bashir Ahmad’s positive response to it highlight the significance of understanding and respecting different religious sentiments.

As public figures, sensitivity and awareness of cultural and religious sensitivities are essential in avoiding unintentional offense.


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